International Podcasting Endowment

We need to support *all* podcasters so they can create their work. How can we collectively support them? Here are some thoughts on how.

Today there has been a lot of talk on tha blogs about iTunes having podcatching abilities in a future version. (Podcatching is the process of downloading podcasts.) Basically iTunes would do what iPodder does and potentially replace it on many Macs. On a Engadget thread someone brought up the possibility of the iTunes music store helping podcasters sell podcasts. Several people chimed in that they wouldn’t pay for podcasts. I’m afraid neither will a large enough number of people to properly support individual podcasters. But then again some people use Google Ads and are happy with what it pays them. So selling podcasts files might be an option for some.

This conversation gave me an idea of how podcasters could be supported. A International Podcasting Endowment. A large fund in the form of a non-profit foundation that would help ensure the future of independent media creation via Podcasting. Not necessarily one supported by any government, (Because we know how bad that idea can be. i.e. the National Endowment of Arts) but by thousands of individuals.

There would be lots of issues to address before this idea could really happen but one *really* jumps out at me. How do you fairly distribute financial help to podcasters? In other words how would you provide grants from the endowment without first setting up a big bureaucracy with a expensive overhead (more than 20% lets say). A network centric model could be used. How would this work? What would the basic model look like? Here is a challenge to you all. Let’s figure this out. How can we collectively support Podcasters and raise societies perceived value of their work? Especially outside of traditional business models that favor consolidation and large multinational organizations.