Media Reform and Media Revolution

Dru Oja Jay has a well-written and detailed article called Media Reform and Media Revolution: A Critique of Free Press and the National Conference on Media Reform. Here is one of my favorite parts.

“If we want to reform the media, we must undermine their credibility and their very existence from one end, while providing a “reasonable” way out on the other. If they do not heed the call of reform, and we replace them, so much the better.”

This article makes all kinds of wonderful points. It ends very constructively with 12 great suggestions for Free Press and us. They’re about how to “water and fertilize the grassroots and sow seeds of resistance” and how the media reform agenda can mesh with radical media’s concerns for social justice and a more democratic society. It really gets to down to the issues with both sides – reform and radical – who want to change media. This article hits me to the core and puts into better focus the goals of AudioActivism. Thanks for the link Rabble!