Interview with Mike Outmesguine about Wi-Fi security

On the last day of the Mobile Media Conference in LA I talked with Mike Outmesguine of the Southern California Wireless Users Group (SOCALWUG). My question was, “What is best way we can use public wireless networks securely? (from the perspective of a user and wi-fi network provider)” The short answer: ENCRYPTION. Personal encryption and VPN solutions (like Hotspot VPN) for network to network solutions. Check out Mikes cool book called Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment.

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Interview with Dan Smith about Serious Games

For this interview I spoke with Dan Smith, VP of Circulation at the ContraCosta Times (a newspaper in the Bay area of Northern California). We had just finished a tour of the University of Southern California‘s Integrated Media Systems Center. I asked him what he thought of the technology demos we had seen? He was impressed by the ‘Serious Games’. They were 3D first person shooter style environments not unlike the look and feel of Doom. Instead of killing people and creatures this ‘Serious Game’ was built to help students learn about biology. This was accomplished by navigating a virtual micro-world inside the human body. It’s wonderful to have Dan’s perspective as a newspaper man. The Mobile Media Conference fostered an interesting confluence of the worlds of news, entertainment, and education.

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Interview with Howard Owens about Public Wifi

Todays podcast is a short interview I conducted in LA at the Mobile Media Conference. While we were on a bus going to the University of Southern California‘s Integrated Media Systems Center I asked Howard Ownes of the Ventura County Star a question? Should there be more public broadband wi-fi networks and how should they be created? Municipal, Private, or Corporate. This is a very cool conversation that gets to the heart of the matter. Very relevant to some discussions going on here in Chapel Hill, NC. It’s wonderful to get other perspectives, even if I don’t completely agree with them all. 🙂

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PodcasterCon needs your help

It’s crunch time folks! Here is the budget estimate for PodcasterCon.

We’re talking about $2695 US to make PodcasterCon happen.

I *still* want to keep this event grassroots. This means no corporate sponsorship. Right now we have VERY low costs for an event that could bring as many as 200 people.

But…we need get cracking and find some $. Soon.

+ Sell cool t-shirts (I can make them at home)
+ Charge for lunch
+ Private donations
+ your idea…?

PLEASE let us know how you can help! We have a paypal donation button on the PodcasterCon front page.

Quinonez from to petition Dobbs on CNN

A few weeks ago I posted a great MP3 PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Today I found out that Jose Quinonez from is going to appear on CNN to submit his petition to Lou Dobbs himself! GO JOSE! He’ll be on CNN Friday, May 6 at 6:00 PM EST. I suggest you wait until a video file of the show appears online. 🙂

If you’re just finding out about this, Lou Dobbs has been saying racist shit and inciting hatred towards Hispanics. All over some fascist concern about immigration to the US. Groups like the Minutemen are becoming vigilantes to arrest and threaten. The Governor of California is talking crap and so are Congressmen.

Jose Quinonez is doing something about it by speaking out! U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois is speaking out too! You can read a transcript of his speech to congress here. Here’s a small part of it.

“In Congress, on cable shows and in newspaper columns across the country, we witness undocumented workers being unfairly and inaccurately blamed for all of our Nation’s ills. In fact, it seems as though there are some cable show hosts out there who have made this practice the cornerstone of their programming. Just look at Lou Dobbs and his “Broken Borders” segment. If you ask me, it should be called the “Broken Record” segment. Because night after night after night, it is the same thing. It is about giving a platform to anti-immigrant extremists so they can espouse their misguided, misleading, and often malicious views.”

Podcast from LA, Sounds of Flying

Just as I arrived in LA last week I sat in my hotel room working with my mobile podcast setup. Dang… recording straight to a laptop with a unshielded mic is a bad idea. 🙂 But all is not lost. I used my mini-disc first. I also recorded some interest audio from the plane. Check it out in this short podcast. More podcasts from the Mobile Media Conferences coming soon!

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End of Third day at Mobile Media

This Friday we had a great conclusion to a info packed event – the Mobile Media Conference in LA. We heard from corporate and grassroots. Jon Bostrom spoke about Nokia’s open software architecture. Nice to hear that Java is alive on cellphones. Dewayne Hendricks, Mike Outmesguine, Susan “Sooz” Kaup let us know how the people can create their own networks using open spectrum like wi-fi. Cool!

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We’re Getting Married!

That’s right, Ruby and I are engaged! The wedding should be sometime summer 2006. Lots of planning to do between now and then. But before the happy day you can check out our wedding blog at We think this is the “First Open Source Wedding”. Our blog is using the software Civic Space. Right now I’m very impressed with it.

The goal of the site is to enable a active community of friends and family at the site. Please read the about page Ruby wrote over at Even our wedding RSVP will be done via a form on the site. We have polls, user log-ins, buddy lists, RSS feeds, comments, etc.

Also my more personal thoughts and rants will now be at my own blog – So much going on…WOW I’m really so HAPPY!