This Modern Deep Throat

I loved what the truth telling John Stewart said the other night on The Daily Show. “Thirty years ago, Deep Throat… No don’t! No! Cleanse your mind!”. Cleanse your mind of what you ask? YOU KNOW… tha p0rn image. I wonder if the irony escapes Woodward and Bernstein? Anyway…

Today my friend Luke sent the Feindz an article posted by Bob Harris on This Modern World called, The New Deep Throats: Collect ‘Em All!. Gawd! Harris is so freakn’ right! The world isn’t lacking in people, or evidence, to blow the whistle on tha Shrub (aka Bush tha second) and his ‘Sunshine Boys’. IT’S JUST THAT THE MEDIA ISN’T ALLOWED TO ACT ON REAL MUCK! Weither it’s not alowing themselves to be brave and risk their careers or by having no concious. I mean damn all of these high crimes against humanity being committed and the media does nothing. FACE IT spineless media execs… the media is the peoples’ politics. But in all fairness to the wonderful people working in the MSM (Main Stream Media) their asses are owned by big bidness. Isn’t this why all the big time TV news anchors left? Business is getting in the way of real reporting. Oh and that new US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) chairman is going to give media companies a “Big Wet Kiss” in the dark days ahead.

From The New Deep Throats: Collect ‘Em All!:

But here at least are a few folks whose first-hand knowledge ought to have already led to at least a few resignations, perp walks, and orange jumpsuits, if America wasn’t so goddam broken already:

National Security Advisor Richard Clarke
FBI translator Sibel Edmonds
USAF Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski
Army Spc. Joseph Darby
Mining engineer Jack Spedaro
FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley
Medicare actuary Richard Foster
CIA Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer
Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill
Ambassador Joe Wilson
U.S. Army General Eric Shinseki
Secretary of the Army Thomas White