I’m looking for a Job

Update: 10/01/05 – I found a good job!

The beginning of September will be my one year anniversary of serving in the AmeriCorp VISTA program. It’s been great! One of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I have so much respect and love for all the people at the Durham Literacy Center and CTCnet. But I must move on. Part of me is really sad it’s going to be over. I’ll continue to volunteer in my communities one way or another.

This also heralds the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I’m getting married (next summer), trying to save money to build an extension on to the house, and thinking about having kids. Yep…lots of serious adult stuff. 😀 I’m totally excited but also a bit scared. I mean how am I going to pay for all this? Yes, there is a financial bottom line. I need a full time job.

I really want to continue working for non-profit organizations using technology to help people. Here are some of my career goals:
• Increase media literacy by helping people create their own media.
• Assist non-profits and the people they serve use technology successfully.
• Create technology curriculum that encourages learners to learn their way.

How much I make isn’t as important to me as helping others and being happy. For real! Yet I must stay open to all kinds of job possibilities. I’m really quite flexible. So I ask all of you fine readers and listeners to keep your eyes and ears open for me. HELP ME FIND A JOB, PLEASE! Here is a copy of my resume. Here is my forever undying gratitude. THANKS!

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  1. Why do you refer to yourself in the third person at the bottom of your resume?

    You might want to get a list of all of the private schools in your area and send your resume to them. You might also start working on a “… technology curriculum that encourages learners to learn their way.” so that when you go to interview you’ve got something to show the schools.

  2. Good point. The ‘third person’ language was cut and paste from my bio I sent to a conference organizer. I’ll change that. Thanks so much for the suggestion Jamie!

    I think working in the public school system would be cool. Have you ever heard or seen any media literacy programs in public schools? I’m under the impression that these types of programs are rare and unpopular in public schools. I hope I’m wrong. 🙂

  3. I don’t have a full time job but I have some part time needs. Roch Smith and Ed Cone suggested we contact you over pod-casting ConvergeSouth and I have a client in the High point area and another in Winston with pod-casting web site needs (in the near future). If you’re interested in those, please get in touch.

    If you apply to guilford county schools, please also LMK because I’m chair of the business IT partner council who suports IT education in the GCS system.

  4. Hey Brian. Sorry my trackback showed up twice. For some reason WP was publishing two separate archives.

    You should maybe put a link to your “Hire Me” post in your sidebar so that it’s noticeable after the entry has scrolled off the homepage. 🙂

  5. Brian,
    If you go to our website, you will see we are a grassroots group, trying very hard to change a very archaic law. I am interested in pod-casting and I am trying to find out if this might be a way for us to be able to get the word out.

    Please feel free to contact me personally if you wish.


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