CTCnet Con 2005 Media Literacy

Notes from the Media Literacy for Healthy and Just Communities session here at the CTCnet Con. The presentation was given by Andrea I. Quijada who is the Director of Educational Programs at the New Mexico Media Literacy Project in Albuquerque, NM. It was wonderful introduction to the concepts and methods they use to teach media literacy. This is one of the most IMPORTANT educational programs I’ve ever seen. PLUS be sure to listen to the podcast interview with Andrea!

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CTCnet Friday

1:30 – 3:30

Media Literacy for Healthy and Just Communities

Analyzing Ads

Asking Questions

Who paid for the ad?
Who are they trying to reach with the ad?
What cultural references are being made?

Advertisers are only telling us one side of the story.
What aren’t they telling us?

TV commercials designed to get kids to nag Mom and Dad to buy stuff.

Targeting young children early (0-5 years) can form very strong brand loyalty.

The Warm and Fuzzy Technique – ex. Polar Bear Coke Ad

One of the techniques in Media Literacy education is “Don’t dictate behavior” (don’t tell what people to do)