Economics is Pseudo-Science Part 2

Economics is Pseudo-Science – Part 2, Symbols and Nature
Here is Stan Goff reading the second track of his essay “Economics is Pseudo-Science”. Enjoy!

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A bit of this track to wet your whistle:
“The key to uncovering the fakery of economics, the key to understanding why economics is a pseudo-science, is to look more closely at the idea of what is NATURAL. I just said that economics poses as some kind of representation of the NATURAL world.

In nature there are processes controlled by certain strict and unchangeable physical laws and tendencies. These laws and tendencies are fused with space and time and matter and energy. So some aspects of nature are more-ore-less universal and do not change over time. But in all of the actual things we can observe, what we see are forms. Forms are not universal and unchanging; in fact, they change all the time. That’s all they do is change. An acorn turns into a sprout, grows into an ever larger tree, reproduces more acorns, then gets gnarled, droops, and slowly dies, whereupon its matter and energy are passed out and into other forms.”