Apple the new media Gatekeeper

I love Apple computer hardware and software, but Apple is poised to be more of a media gate keeper than an independent media enabler. How will they reconcile this contradiction? How can we reconcile this contradiction?

With the introduction of podcasting (more precisely PODCATCHING) abilities in iTunes 4.9 via the iTunes store Apple sets themselves at the nexus of content and profit with a method to CHARGE people for podcasts. Now this may be great for Adam Curry and Todd Maffin but will it truly be a fair “market” for all podcasters? How can podcasters get as much buzz as Adam Curry? Could I get my face (brand) on the front of the main Apple website? Will Apple help us be that famous? What kind of power and influence do I have to bring to the table to play with Apple the media mogul? Would I even want to go through all the crap to get there? What will my mind and soul look like after that journey?

Just having the ability to sell podcasts via iTunes doesn’t mean you’ll have enough hype to make money. (Making money, meaning you earn more than you spend.) Fact is there are already several 500 pound gorillas in the room with Apple, music, and Podcasting. This could prevent me or any other Podcaster from getting the world wide attention, via the iTunes store, that would allow us to become 500 pound gorillas ourselves. Apple could help us obtain the weight and voice to change our lives and the world. How are you going to act with social responsibility Apple?!

As for me, I rather be famous for 15 people, keep my Podcasts free, and work to amplify the voices of people ignored by Apple and iTunes. I plan on using the tools Apple makes to keep them honest! That’s how I’m going to reconcile my contradiction.