We Are Marie

On July fifth Marie Gonzalez and her family are being forced to leave the United States. Because of unreliable legal advice and broken US Immigration law the Gozalez family overstayed their visa. They didn’t find out that their immigration status had lapsed until they were placed under deportation proceedings.

Fifteen days before they have to leave Marie started podcasting and blogging. Here’s her blog wearemarie.blogspot.com and here’s her podcast feed feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/wearemarie. Please download the mp3s and listen to what she has to say.

This is one of the best examples of activist podcasting I’ve heard. It’s exactly what I’m trying to tell people is possible. Maria’s podcast demonstrates how a simple recorded phone call, nothing real fancy just a elegant and heartfelt message, can document the important moments in peoples lives. The experience of listening to her podcast is as if she called my phone voice mail and shared her thoughts just with me. I feel honored to listen to her story. Because of the first person conversation style we can all catch a crucial glimpse of peoples lives. It can really motivate you to act.

Here are some ways you can take action to help Marie and her family. Contact your elected representatives and tell them to intercede on their behalf. Specifically if you live in Missouri your Republican Senators — Kit Bond and James Talent can introduce a private bill on the Gonzalez behalf. Also there’s a electronic petition to sign.

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  1. ok well, I see there’s not much support for this dream act. I, myself, am an undocumented immigrant and am in great support of the act. I wrote letters about the act and my situation to congressmen and senators of california. Well all this act needs is a lot of support and more openess to the rest of the country. Well I hope this act get more recognition from the government but my one letter isin’t going to do much….

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