Stan Goffs’ Sharing Ideas via CD

A few weeks ago I recorded a eight part essay written and read by Stan Goff. Before he left I gave him a audio CD of the recording. So far he’s duplicated and given away fifty CDs! Plus folks are asking for more! I’m so happy to see people getting excited about sharing media with each other.

Stan is a pragmatic, accessible, and wise “feral scholar”. His writing builds a bridge of understanding across the river of complex thought. His perspective allows us all to have ‘ah ha’ experiences. Moments of realisation that lead to positive change in our lives. He is trully a teacher, a sensei. Read his blog post pedagogical #1 -Economics as pseudo-science as he explains his personal experience with making media.

“Everywhere I go, progressives are crying about the unfair capitalist media and how they don’t represent our point of view. This is like whining about the appetite that a hawk has for field mice. What, after all, would we expect?

Instead we need to be figuring out ways to discredit, overcome, and bypass these media.” – Stan Goff

Tomorrow I’ll podcast part two of his eight part essay “Economics is Pseudo Science.”

Big Bird Saved! For Now

Yep…it turns out the US House of Reps restored $100 million that they threatened to take away from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Within hours of a new CEO of the CPB being announced no less. The Media Geek asks, “Coincidence?”. I doubt it. Sounds like orchestrated drama to me.. sheer theatrics. BTW, Media Geek is so incredibly informed about media issues. Listen to his show and read his blog.

All in all I still think this fight to save CPB is war against two moneyed interests. Entrenched moderate “Public” media versus right wing corporate media. Yet again the only choice they would let you think you have is a choice between the lesser of two evils. NOT! Media reformists are using the people as activists for THEIR cause. We really don’t have a dog in this fight. Just make the media yourself and ditch ’em both!

Teens should Opt Out of Military Recruitment

When I was about to go to college I needed financial help to do so. My parents contributed very little. I worked summers but the savings just didn’t cut it. So I applied for loans. One of the requirements to receive loans was that I had to register for selective service. This helped the US Government keep track of me. I told them who I was, how old I was, where I lived, and that I was eligible for the draft. Fortunately, I was never drafted. Unfortunately, in American history, we’ve had drafts and lots of young men and women have died.

Now many years later I’m stuck with a TON of financial debt (mostly because of high interest rates). I’ve helped banks make a lot of money. Now I wish I had the foresight in high school to tell the US Government to go to hell and find the money for college elsewhere.

Today high school students have a much more dangerous system to deal with. The so-called “No Child Left Behind Act” [double speak] forces high schools that are receiving college money to report all of this private data about their students. [You give us money we give you fresh bodies to fight and die!] The Washington Post recently reported that the Pentagon is contracting with a company to create a database to aggregate all this info about American children. With modern computers and relational databases it’ll be easy to run reports and create strategies for recruitment and potentially a new draft. Telemarketing, harassment, direct mail, threats, manipulation, bribing, etc. etc.

I just ran across the site with a form for high school students to Opt Out of this system of data collection. Students can sign this form with their parents if they are under eighteen or with out if they are over. Here is the meat of the matter:

“Federal public law 107-110, section 9528 of the ESEA, “No Child Left Behind Act” requires school districts to release student names, addresses, and phone numbers to military recruiters upon their request. Students are then called at home by recruiters and pressured to join the military. The law also requires the school district to notify you of your right to Opt-Out from this by requesting that the district not release your information to military recruiters. The completion and return of this form serves as your request to withhold your private information.”

Here is a pdf of the entire form to print out and sign.

The Paradox of Power

From TV News in a Postmodern World: Chaos at the Door by Terry L. Heaton.
“And the paradox of power is that discontent increases with opportunities for acting on it. The more the bottom is given the tools to make and distribute their own media, the greater their power; the greater their power, the greater their discontent and, along with it, the opportunity for acting on that discontent. This bubbling caldron of energy is profoundly anti-elitist and anti-institution, because the more the bottom surveys the landscape these days, the more they realize that our culture has failed them, and this energy is palpable in the halls of power.”

Thanks to Doc Searls for sharing the link to this article with us. (and to linking to me recently) Man, I need to spend as much time as it takes to read all that Doc writes and links to.

Save Public Broadcasting by Making it the PEOPLES’ Media

On this subject of saving public broadcasting Doc Searls says, “save public broadcasting by weaning it, finally, from the federal teat.” Jeff Jarvis is saying, “Make it truly public broadcasting, supported by its public instead of by government.” I say HELL YES these guys are right. It’s about time that the people really own what is theirs. For years the federal government has been begging us for our money to support PBS, NPR, etc. and do we have any real say in its content? No…not really.

There is no reason to save the bureaucrats at PBS if they won’t see their audience as customers, producers, and PARTNERS. The stakes are high. If they won’t partner with us, we’ll just make our own media and only trust each other. Imagine a world were no one trusts the corporate/government media? Imagine a world where we talk to our neighbors and they know more about what’s going on thousands of miles away than the TV does.

CTCnet Con 2005 Andy Carvin

On Saturday evening we had a birds of feather session about Podcasting. We talked about it’s many aspects, video blogging, RSS, blogging in general, education, and how podcasting could be valuable to non-profits. This podcast bellow is a interview with Andy Carvin just after reviewing what we did. We felt that people thought this communication technology was very accessible. EVERYONE CAN PODCAST! 😀

MP3 4m 53s 2.3MB 64kbps

CTCnet Con 2005 HopeWorks N’ Camden

The session I went to this morning was called Learning to Learn: Urban Youth, Technology Literacy and Youth Development by Hopeworks N’ Camden. This session was very special. Not only did the HopeWorks Executive Director Father Jeff Putthoff speak but so did the young employees and trainees in their program. What a impressive educational oportunity! Public speaking is hard. It’s so cool they could practice. Their individual stories are inspiring and they spoke well. 🙂 This program sounds very similar to the vision of Palante in Carrboro. I belive the Durham Literacy Center could learn from HopeWorks, too. I’ve heard several people with fledling and established teen programs in Raleigh and Durham who want to do something similar.
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