Number 8 Unwired BABY!

According to Intel’s ‘Most Unwired Cities Survey‘ Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill ranked number 8 out of a 100 US cities. We ranked ABOVE; Boston, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, etc.

“Survey findings are based on the number of commercial and public or “free” wireless Internet access points (hotspots), airports with wireless Internet access, and broadband availability. The survey also included community wireless Internet access points, local wireless networks and wireless e-mail devices…”

Interesting …

A funny howto on Bittorrent Podcasts

I wish I had written Battle the Podcast Bandwidth Beast with Bittorrent. This person’s humor is great. A bit juvenile but great. I wish more teachers with a genuine sense of humor wrote a bit of weirdness like this once in awhile. [Off the wall humor can engages learners.] Find out how to make a torrent of your podcast mp3 and let people download it using the fabulous peer-2-peer technology called Bittorrent. [What is Bittorrent?] This HowTo is simply written but not really simply done. It assumes a good amount. But hey… I know there are lots of people out there with many different levels of knowledge. Tackle this HowTo and get with the future.

NPR Reporter’s Equipment

National Public Radio’s Next Generation Radio Training Projects has a interesting bit of info on what gear a radio reporter uses to record audio. Flawn Williams answers a email from someone who hopes to report for radio. There is lots of good info about audio tech on this page. I will warn you that this info is from a pro-broadcasters point of view. Always *listen* to people who have mastered something. They have the wisdom. You can learn something from them. But, excellent masters will always encourage you to question *requirements*. High quality recorded audio can be done with A LOT LESS than the pros tell amateurs. (For example) A big part of this is because of the massive advances in portable audio recording technology. Once you start doing something for awhile and you find out what works you stick with it. Many times at the cost of finding new, cheap, and faster methods that are just as high in quality. A pros requirements are usually informed by endurance needs. They need to be in the field a lot. They need to be able to react quick. They need to go about their work for hours on end. Amateurs, most podcasters, do not need these endurance qualities in their gear. But in all fairness the original question was “What do radio reporters use at NPR?”. [FYI…I ain’t saying nothing about being no excellent master of nothin’] 😀

Holy taxonomic linking!

The wonderful online social bookmarking site Delicious just made a serious update. Their process of deciding what tags to use for your bookmarks just got A LOT better. Plus it seems their new servers are much faster. GO check it out! For pete’s sake…if I wasn’t addicted to delicious before I sure am now.

NASCAR drivers’ salaries and WUNC

Last week when I heard that our local NPR station, WUNC, was going to have a show about NASCAR I was skeptical. Mainly because I’ve noticed a trend at WUNC, which broadcasts from the “liberal” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, towards mainstreaming. Mainstream radio content in this case – in this state – is more politically conservative. There’s a ton of evidence for this. Read about the serious error by WUNC over women’s reproductive health here. Plus much more. But let’s look at what I THINK they are doing right.

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Short posts and more of ’em

For some reason I just can’t write one line blog posts. Dave “Mr. RSS” Winer does it real well. Very good for reading the RSS feed from his site. Catching up on his numerous entries is a rather quick affair. Not me. I just gota’ write long rambling paragraphs. Because of my notoriously bad spelling I obsess on checking what I write. Correcting grammar when I can, proper word use (like their or there in the correct place), and spell check like mad. But still the errors make their way in. I just correct them later and don’t tell anyone. 😀

I read somewhere that the most read commercial blogs have SEVERAL posts per day. My personal favorite of the multiple entries per day blogs is the MAKE blog written by Phillip Torrone. I’m a serious junky for stories about DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. [There basically howt-tos made by people giving you detailed instructions on well… how to do something.] I day dream about making everything myself. I sometimes wish I could clone myself and set about all of these copies to making shit. Man, if I ever retire (long ways away) I will be one DIY grandpa. 😉

So should I write more posts per day? I’m not trying to make money directly off of this dot org blog…so why should I? Guilt is one factor. I honestly feel guilty if I don’t get something written down daily. Addiction is another factor. Yep, I’m addicted to this. It’s obvious huh. Here I am writing about writing. That’s what artist do. [Damn I’m so sick of people complaining that all bloggers do is write about blogging. INTROSPECTION IS GOOD DAMN IT!] 🙂

The real question is will more people read this blog if I write more posts?

[end of self introspection rant]

This Modern Deep Throat

I loved what the truth telling John Stewart said the other night on The Daily Show. “Thirty years ago, Deep Throat… No don’t! No! Cleanse your mind!”. Cleanse your mind of what you ask? YOU KNOW… tha p0rn image. I wonder if the irony escapes Woodward and Bernstein? Anyway…

Today my friend Luke sent the Feindz an article posted by Bob Harris on This Modern World called, The New Deep Throats: Collect ‘Em All!. Gawd! Harris is so freakn’ right! The world isn’t lacking in people, or evidence, to blow the whistle on tha Shrub (aka Bush tha second) and his ‘Sunshine Boys’. IT’S JUST THAT THE MEDIA ISN’T ALLOWED TO ACT ON REAL MUCK! Weither it’s not alowing themselves to be brave and risk their careers or by having no concious. I mean damn all of these high crimes against humanity being committed and the media does nothing. FACE IT spineless media execs… the media is the peoples’ politics. But in all fairness to the wonderful people working in the MSM (Main Stream Media) their asses are owned by big bidness. Isn’t this why all the big time TV news anchors left? Business is getting in the way of real reporting. Oh and that new US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) chairman is going to give media companies a “Big Wet Kiss” in the dark days ahead.

From The New Deep Throats: Collect ‘Em All!:

But here at least are a few folks whose first-hand knowledge ought to have already led to at least a few resignations, perp walks, and orange jumpsuits, if America wasn’t so goddam broken already:

National Security Advisor Richard Clarke
FBI translator Sibel Edmonds
USAF Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski
Army Spc. Joseph Darby
Mining engineer Jack Spedaro
FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley
Medicare actuary Richard Foster
CIA Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer
Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill
Ambassador Joe Wilson
U.S. Army General Eric Shinseki
Secretary of the Army Thomas White