Economics is Pseudo-Science Part 3

Economics is Pseudo-Science – Part 3, The New God
Here is Stan Goff reading the third track of his essay “Economics is Pseudo-Science”. Enjoy!

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A bit of this track to wet your whistle:

Marx and Engels said that the ideas of the society in every period of history, ARE the ideas of the dominant class. They further argued that this dominant IDEOLOGY had a couple of different features. IDEOLOGY is a reflection of the actual conditions of socal life. This is a new twist for most people, because one of our dominant ideas – and one that is unsupportable but crucial to the ruling class – is that ideas give rise to social conditions, not that social life give risse to out ideas. Consciousness is a reflection of our lived experience. But Marx and Engels said that ideology had a power-protection function as well. It puts a mask over the real nature of society, espcially the nature of power.

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