Advocacy Dev II Day One

First day of Advocacy Dev II in Oakland, CA is here. Lots of great info going onto the Advocacy Dev II wiki live and on the spot. One of my favorite things so far is the participatory nature of the agenda. We’re getting to create a lot of it ourselves right now. For example check out the group I was in [Group 8] and the three topics we proposed. Here are the other groups topics.

I got to help facilitate a session about Podcasting aka AudioBlogging with Rabble of Anarchogeek blog and Odeo fame and Jeff Ooi a amazing blogger/podcaster from Malaysia. We saw a demo of Odeo’s podcasting services, discussed how podcasting can empower individuals with examples from this and this AudioActivism post, sidetracked a bit about security issues and legal challenges to creating mashed up content. I hope everyone who had questions about podcasting and making your own media was satisfied. Please comment bellow if you had more questions that need answering.

We all participated in something called Speed Geeking. No it isn’t a bunch of nerds on amphetamines. 🙂 It’s several people who have a short amount of time to explain a project they are working on to a small group of people. Seven people with projects and seven groups moving every four minutes to a new group. Lots of information shared quickly. It put the presentors under a good amount of pressure to be concise and efficient. An amazing exercise.