Speed Geeking II

More speed geeking sessions. Here are the URLs of the projects we discussed at Advocacy Dev II day two.

ConsultantCommons – A online collaborative space for consultants who support nonprofits created by Compumentor.

Localize – Helping Cambodians use computers in their own language.

Txtpower.org – home of the radical ringtone “hello Garci”

TransMail – automating the translation of email in each direction from English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Voterpunch – database of congressional voter records of elected officials

CivicSpace – a Drupal based Content Management System with lots of modules useful to nonprofits

Webenq – Open Source online surveys in multiple languages by the International Institute for Communications and Development.

CivicCRM – is an open source constituency relationship management application running on Drupal

Pair programing – when two developers work together on the same project with one keyboard and one computer

Live CDs – linux distros that boot off of a CD-ROM

Tipinasia – A website dedicated to country-specific information on trafficking in persons in multiple languages, as well as anti-trafficking news and information about individual countries.

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