Gizmo makes good VOIP recordings

The Gizmo Project has released some free, but not Open Source, VOIP (Voice over IP) software for the Mac and PC (soon for Linux as well). It’s essentially the same stuff as Skype but with KEY DIFFERENCES. The ones that are most important to the podcaster/audiophile in me are:
1) Out of the box and easy call recording
2) Excellent sounding call quality (comparatively speaking)
3) Good User Interface

Here is a recording I made of Ruby and I talking as we try out this software. (I’ve podcast the WAV file Gizmo recorded so you can hear the actual quality without MP3 compression.) I’m also very impressed that the Gizmo Project is using a VOIP protocol called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Should help this software play nice with other VOIP software like Asterisk.

WAV 3m 35s 1.7MB 64kbps

3 thoughts on “Gizmo makes good VOIP recordings”

  1. yeah… imagine town employees using Smart Phones like Gizmo (software on your computer desktop) that could dial all over the world for cheap. This would work with existing telephones. How about portable computers that the police, EMS, and firefighters use in their vehicles using VOIP software via town wireless networks. I could even imagine emigrants benefiting from it by being able to make free phone calls to family thousands of miles away. We could teach local teens how to set up Asterisk and other VOIP solutions for small businesses, municipalities, and non-profits. Etc. etc. etc. etc. Citizens should be their own telco!

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