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This post has nothing to do with activism… Enter the Apple MightyMouse. I must say this really feels like the end of one era and the begining of another. During One Button [DOB] and After One Button [AOB]. Yesterday we had only one button on the Mac mouse. Today we have a scroll ball, two buttons on the sides, and the good old single button in the middle. The Unix geek in me belives that Darwin, the BSD core of OS X, is influencing this Apple hardware change. Ah the simple joys of user interfaces. (The geeks say this isn’t really a multibutton mouse. But a set of sensors that act like buttons.) NEXT: Go to an Apple store and try one out. 🙂
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  1. Now that Mac users are AOB they don’t have to defend the ridiculous notion that two button mouses are inferior. Apple is the king of functional design – but the single button mouse was retired long ago…


  2. Funny how the history of something in the Mac world starts and stops when Apple says so. Aftermarket apple gear just doesn’t exist in the future Macstory. I mean all those multi-button mice for macs just weren’t “official”. Ya know how they say history is HIS story? Well same here.

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