Is making your own media PsyOps?

After my short speech at the International Symposium on Local e-Democracy I received some strong negative criticism. The majority of the comments were overwhelming positive but there was this one. An ex-military officer from the United Kingdom objected to the part of my presentation about the Messages for Soldiers podcast. (Even though he said he never heard it.) He didn’t care that I was against the war in Iraq but did take issue with my communications with soldiers. He accused me of endangering their lives. His idea seemed to be that if soldiers were distracted, by me, they might not do their job and get harmed. I NEVER intended to put anyone in harms way but I realized that this ex-military self claimed former member of British military intelligence thought my activism media was a threat! He claimed that soldiers had a lot of unauthorized access to the internet via unofficial wi-fi and that they could find my blog and podcast easily. Here are my thoughts about these events and a few snippets of relevant audio.

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2 thoughts on “Is making your own media PsyOps?”

  1. if it’s not psyops, it some other kind of bullshit to harrass you based on nothing but a description of something you did. That guy was completely inappropriate and certainly not serving “the troops” or even his militaristic cause.

  2. I asked Stan Goff what he thought about this and he responded. Posted here with his permission.

    “Ignore this, Brian. This is an old canard that’s been used by these people for years. I wrote about it in FSD. (“Full Spectrum Disorder”, a book by Stan Goff) Trust me, when there is a real danger from a real attack in any combat zone, the last thing on anyone’s mind is something they were thinking about from an Internet post. Afterwards possibly, but most troops are far more distracted on a daily basis by thoughts of sex, for example, and that distraction disappears in this first wash of adrenaline.”

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