You Tell ’em Dave!

I love it when smart tech folks jump in the fray and tear the MSM [main stream media] a new one. Case in point; Dave Winer says this about the NY Times:

I’ve now gotten three emails saying they recently let a blogger on their op-ed page, but that’s very very different from having a blogger on their op-ed page. Give a blogger a guest slot, great, if you don’t like the piece, you don’t have to run it. But if you have a blogger there regularly, then you have to run what they wrote, and that would change the character of their editorial, it would make their regular writers think twice about taking the inexcusable shortcuts they take.

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And then he wrote this:

And of course let’s not forget the big stuff — they [NY Times] went to war with George Bush without calling him on his bullshit. They need some strong medicine, they’ve acknowledged it, but they refuse to take it. The stupidity of it is that it would sell newspapers, it would make them money, because they’d become much more interesting. They’re just too scared to piss off their world famous reporters, who don’t want to be challenged. They could make their paper interesting, but they don’t want interesting, they want job security. That’s their real problem, that’s where they need to embrace the web, and that’s what they haven’t done.

I freaking LOVE IT! Bloggers and Podcasters are FRESH and make media intersting! 😀

3 thoughts on “You Tell ’em Dave!”

  1. Dave says: “But if you have a blogger there regularly, then you have to run what they wrote…”

    No, it does not work like that. Editors approve regular columns also. NYT does not have to run ANYTHING they don’t want and that goes for every other newspaper.

  2. No, Gus. It does not work like that. I write InfoRouter for ZDNet and they do NOT approve what I write. ZDNet can choose to fire me but if I write something they don’t want it runs anyway. That’s why I write for ZDNet. That, and Dan Farber is a great editor who makes what I do better on occasion. But it’s what I want even then.

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