Asterisk for Activism

I’ve been reading and learning about Asterisk like crazy. Asterisk is a Open Source software PBX (Private branch exchange). It’s basically a digital telephone switch that runs on Linux.

The Huntsville, Alabama company Digium is mostly responsible for it’s development. They also sell hardware to use with Asterisk. Like the TDM400p which is part of a Developer kit I just bought and installed. Here are all the bookmarks I have for Asterisk. My favorite site so far is There is so MUCH knowledge there it’s amazing!

Lots of folks discussing now how Asterisk could be used for creating mobile podcasts aka mobcasting. EXCITING!

4 thoughts on “Asterisk for Activism”

  1. Wow, cool. I’m impressed. I’d like to hear more about what you’re planning on using Asterisk for, as I’ve only halfway heard about it, but not in the context of podcasting.

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