What AudioActivism Is

The two words in the name of this site, Audio and Activism, can be conceptually reversed to form two phrases. Meaning you could call this blog ActivismAudio as well as AudioActivism. My personal activism has become, helping others learn how to make their own audio. (This has manifest itself in the tutorials I’ve written and the creation of PodcasterCon. An event for people to learn about podcasting.) I advocate for more tools and knowledge for the masses. I dream about the metaphorical death of elite professionalism, a natural evolution of WHAT MEDIA MAKING IS. A future were we can all become audio producers if we want to. This blog and podcast isn’t just audio about progressive/liberal politics BUT activism for people making audio.

One thought on “What AudioActivism Is”

  1. I am an award-winning investigative reporter and columnist with a new project, Ruminations on America, in which I have called for essays from coast to coast on true core American values and the current state of the union. I would like to invite you and your readers to participate, or to check out the blog at http://www.ruminationsonamerica.blogspot.com. I believe some of the recently posted essays (including a Catholic nun who wrote a letter on July 4 from prison, where she is serving a six month term for civil disobedience…members of Veterans for Peace and many others…) might interest you!

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