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I’ve been looking at web based project management software that’ll allow me to create to-do lists, calendar events, create project milestones, export calendars, generate RSS, be multi-user, work on mobile devices (ex. Palm Treo), etc., etc. So far I really like the looks of Tasks Pro. It does all the aforementioned stuff. But I’ve also seen BaseCamp and used dotproject.

Ruby has spent A LOT of time researching project management. I’d say she’s a project management guru. I listen to her on this stuff. But our brains work different. 🙂 I think she’s done reading the famous book, to bloggers at least, Getting Things Done by David Allen. I might just read it up myself. But I doubt I’ll be following any one system to the letter to get my stuff done, but finding new methods is cool.

Right now I use a Moleskin calendar with a pencil to write to-dos on the day I need to do them. It works pretty well. Problem is you can’t share your paper calendar to well. Plus it won’t beep at you or send you a e-mail reminder. Also user interface is VERY important to me. If it doesn’t flow and my visual brain can’t groove with it then it’s useless to me. I hope to get a Palm Treo one day. It might replace my paper book as my mobile to-do list creator.

My questions for you are; Which of these project management softwares have you used? Which one do you USE? Why do you like it? What are some other ones worth considering?


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  1. It’s cool that you’re writing about this because I also have been very interested in project management web tools.

    Although I haven’t used any of the mentioned softwares except for basecamp, I am finding basecamp to be pretty useful, especially with multiple people helping with my VISTA work. You can assign people pretty easily and it emails them. You may already know this as well, but they have a watered down version with just to-do lists called tadalists (http://www.tadalists.com)

    to see my basecamphq site in action visit: http://calvinidealist.grouphub.com

    and login w/ usr: test pass: test

    I like basecamp because you can do one free project forever…with as many to do lists and as many people as you want.

    The calendar for milestones is useful and keeps good track of when things are late.

    I defnitely am going to look in the other ones you mentioned and investigate other possibilities.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. another note about basecamp is that with the free account you cannot upload files for group use and the software is pretty limited with a free account.

  3. Thanks for the comments Calvin! Basecamp does look cool. I need to get a free account a play with it.

    Something Ruby has mentioned is that you need to start with one tool then stick with it. IMHO you can only really test a tool by actually using it. With project management tools that cover weeks at a time you need to use it for a while to really see if it’s useful. By that time your already invested and it’s hard to stop. So I’m trying to be very careful on what tool select before I dive in. 🙂

    Your use of Basecamp as a idea list is AWESOME. I need to share this concept with people I work with now.

  4. i’m on dial up so i don’t use web based project management… however, i did create my own solution that i i’ve made available for free download. one version requires filemaker pro 7, the other is a stand-alone, runtime solution that runs without filemaker pro. both can be found here.

    i’m always looking for ways to improve it so if anyone checks it out and has an opinion on how it might be improved please get in touch!

  5. Hey, I’m a core member of the dotProject team, so I’m a bit biased, but we’ve come up with some other cool stuff lately. My company – CaseySoftware – released a simple RSS module into dotProject core for monitoring project status. We’re also working at integrating it with Mantis, Eventum and potentially FogBugz.

  6. I’ve been using basecamp for a while and am happy with it. No organized way to get the information out so it’s a good thing I’m happy. I like the way it distributes the power to the team and provides the core functionality to keep people on task. I’m slowly building up the tricks that make a project management tool really work — the link to team communications, outreach, marking successes etc. More than other tools, I find that Basecamp just matches my style of PM.

  7. Since reading GTD I tried every software suggested, the best approach was the GTD pluggin for Outlook. It really helps. I’m a diehard fan of dotproject, since I use it for my company’s projects. I wish there were more people interestd in adding some of the GTD features to the dotproject framework, should be quite easy.

  8. .. funny thing, everybody seems to be looking for a suitable project management tool these days. i was browsing the web since 3 months now, looking for suitable products and testing them. so far, i tried eGroupWare, dotProject and PHProjekt. it’s really hard to decide. every groupware suite has its own advantages and (too bad 😉 ) disadvantages. it hardly depends on what you plan to use it for. the approaches on project controlling and managing is quite much the same with all products. but when it comes to print out detailed reports for example on worked hours, invoices etc, there’s a big lack of functions with all of those programs i’ve been testing. a tool i’d still like to test is project/open, but you will most certainly need to install that on a private server since it needs postgreSQL and a special framework.

    depending on your needs, there are also opensource groupware suites based on J2EE/tomcat servers out there, they are probably meant for big companies – reading the requirements – but well, i can’t test them since i don’t have the fitting infrastructure.

    well, i hope you will end up lucky with a fitting suite. 🙂

  9. I stopped searching for the right solution when I discovered AceProject. They offer a free license with all features enabled (Gantt Charts, task/time reports, etc) and their interface is great.

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