Should Pat Robertson be allowed in the UK?

I first read about Pat Robertson’s call for the US Government to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez from the Bolivian Blog. Then last night John Stewart on the Daily Show opened with the quip that he can’t even say “fuck” or “Fuuuuuucccck” without it being bleeped, but if you own your own TV network (as Robertson owns the Christian Broadcasting Network) you can call for the murder of a head of state.

This morning on the BBC for colonist via NPR (aka BBC Newshour) I heard that British Home Secretary Charles Clarke claims he will begin enforcing a new “anti-terror law” that will deport any non-citizen in the UK that does things like glorify terrorism, incites violence, preaches hate, etc. Still no word on exactly what actions are on the list of “unacceptable behaviour”. They don’t seem to be able to apply the same rules to British citizens. They can’t just deport them. Fact is all the men who bombed the London tube and bus were British citizens.

Just as the BBC show was ending they read a email from a woman in Waltham, Massachusetts. She asked if Pat Robertson would be on a list of non-citizens to be deported for glorifying violence and preaching hate? I wonder if the UK will keep a list of non-citizens who are not allowed into the county who’ve preached hate? Hmm the righteous sword of anti-terrorism rhetoric cuts both ways me thinks.

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