The Durham Literacy Center: a NonProfit that’s Blogging

Durham Literacy Center Website

Introducing the new Durham Literacy Center website. It’s based on CivicSpace/Drupal and it has several blogs. I installed and customized the site, developed staff training, and generally evangelized the project. Everyone has been so kind and involved. They’re excited about writting and telling the world what they do. I’m so proud of them and will continue to work on this way after my AmeriCorp service is done.

Blogging and Events
Right now the site has a blog for each staff member, a blog for each program, program pages, a contact form, an event calendar that is searchable, a RDF RSS feed for the blogs, etc. This solid foundation sets them up for some very powerful stuff. In the near future volunteers will be able to blog and comment too. This will speed and improve their communication with program directors.

When the DLC staff is ready they’ll be able to use the new CiviCRM module for CivicSpace. “CiviCRM stores information on the universe of people associated with a nonprofit organization and on their interactions (emails, donations, petitions, events, etc.).” This is an advanced Customer Relationship Management tool. Like many non-profits the DLC needs to track LOTS of people. Volunteers, students, donors, and everyone they serve.

Online Fundraising
One of the largest functionalities of this new website is on-line fundraising. In order to do this you need more than a paypal button. You need to be able to collect information about people who visit your site. You must have something for a visitor todo besides just find basic content. Activities and action items are key.

Also when the DLC has a big event coming up or wants the world to know what they are doing they can write their own story about it. In effect writting content for all media outlets to run with. All in all a VERY excited moment. I’ve been researching and reading about how dynamic websites like blogs can help non-profits. NOW here it is running and doing it’s thing!

4 thoughts on “The Durham Literacy Center: a NonProfit that’s Blogging”

  1. Nice work Brian! An incredible tool for a worthy cause/organization. I wonder if there are more organizations like this, using the CivicSpace/Drupal platform to get the word out over here in Philly and abroad instead of just net/grassroots groups using it as a means to get together in a central location.

  2. Thanks Bri! I’m loving our website and it’s growth potential. I also truly appreciate your committment to real change. Thank you…

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