Why I am Against War

This is a podcast to clarify why I am against the war in Iraq (all war actually). For me it boils down to two reasons. [YES, there are so many other reasons. But for the sake of clairity here are two from me.] One, I’m against all killing. I’m a pacifist. Two, I don’t trust the President of the United States and all the people responsible for starting this war in Iraq. These two points are fundamental to my beliefs. Those who would disagree with me on these two points are not going to change my mind.

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Asterisk for Activism

I’ve been reading and learning about Asterisk like crazy. Asterisk is a Open Source software PBX (Private branch exchange). It’s basically a digital telephone switch that runs on Linux.

The Huntsville, Alabama company Digium is mostly responsible for it’s development. They also sell hardware to use with Asterisk. Like the TDM400p which is part of a Developer kit I just bought and installed. Here are all the del.icio.us bookmarks I have for Asterisk. My favorite site so far is VOIP-info.org. There is so MUCH knowledge there it’s amazing!

Lots of folks discussing now how Asterisk could be used for creating mobile podcasts aka mobcasting. EXCITING!

A thoughtful response

Dennis Howlett over at Bazaarz.com linked to AudioActivism as part of a response to Dave Winer’s slam of the NY Times which I applauded. Here are my thoughts for Dennis. So nice to see a civil discussion. So unlike some personal attacks I’ve read. 😀

Thanks for linking to AudioActivism Dennis! Much respect for all journalists skills, hard work, blood, and sweat.

Your friend in San Francisco is right. Many Americans, myself included, are sick and tired of our media. That’s one reason we are making it ourselves. But many of us don’t call ourselves journalist and never will. Complicated and paradigm changing I know.

On the issue of trust it boils down to knowing someone. No longer do I automatically trust those who make news just because they do it professionally. I trust my neighbors and fellow bloggers whom I have met. (physically and virtually) When they trust someone else they pass along that recommendation. It’s this honnest system of transference that is completely and so terribly broken down in the main stream media.

I dream of a day when my next door neighbor will be better informed about events thousands of miles away than any journalist.

The Strength of Cindy Sheehan

Albert from the Dragon Ball Yee blog wrote today about a conference call with Cindy Sheehan that a bunch of people were on. He gives a valuable synopis of the call. Ms. Sheehan answered questions by bloggers from around the world. She even has a diary over at the Daily Kos. I am so impressed with her. What a brave woman! Get well soon and keep fighting! Dubya needs to answer the nation WHY! Why did so many men and woman have to die in Iraq! (The usual bull shit answers just won’t cut it.) Joe Trippi has the audio from the conference call here. (wav)

You Tell ’em Dave!

I love it when smart tech folks jump in the fray and tear the MSM [main stream media] a new one. Case in point; Dave Winer says this about the NY Times:

I’ve now gotten three emails saying they recently let a blogger on their op-ed page, but that’s very very different from having a blogger on their op-ed page. Give a blogger a guest slot, great, if you don’t like the piece, you don’t have to run it. But if you have a blogger there regularly, then you have to run what they wrote, and that would change the character of their editorial, it would make their regular writers think twice about taking the inexcusable shortcuts they take.

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And then he wrote this:

And of course let’s not forget the big stuff — they [NY Times] went to war with George Bush without calling him on his bullshit. They need some strong medicine, they’ve acknowledged it, but they refuse to take it. The stupidity of it is that it would sell newspapers, it would make them money, because they’d become much more interesting. They’re just too scared to piss off their world famous reporters, who don’t want to be challenged. They could make their paper interesting, but they don’t want interesting, they want job security. That’s their real problem, that’s where they need to embrace the web, and that’s what they haven’t done.

I freaking LOVE IT! Bloggers and Podcasters are FRESH and make media intersting! 😀

George Bush, Talk to Cindy!

George Bush is on vacation.

Cindy Sheehan is on his case.

Cindy is the mother of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, KIA at Sadr City on April 4, 2004, and a co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace. Cindy is at the gates of Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas to demand that he explain to her –face to face– why Casey had to die. Bush is refusing to come out. Cindy says she’s staying until Bush talks to her or leaves Texas (see Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, UK Guardian and The Lone Star Iconoclast, Bush’s "home-town paper").

We can help Cindy Sheehan turn the heat up on Bush.

1-Email the White House. Send a simple three-word message, "Talk to Cindy!"

2-Call the White House comment line (202) 456-1111, and/or send a postcard to George Bush, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 with the same three words.

3-Spread the word! Send this appeal to your friends, to email lists, to blogs. Post it on websites. Let’s swamp the White House with our simple three word demand: TALK TO CINDY!