Is making your own media PsyOps?

After my short speech at the International Symposium on Local e-Democracy I received some strong negative criticism. The majority of the comments were overwhelming positive but there was this one. An ex-military officer from the United Kingdom objected to the part of my presentation about the Messages for Soldiers podcast. (Even though he said he never heard it.) He didn’t care that I was against the war in Iraq but did take issue with my communications with soldiers. He accused me of endangering their lives. His idea seemed to be that if soldiers were distracted, by me, they might not do their job and get harmed. I NEVER intended to put anyone in harms way but I realized that this ex-military self claimed former member of British military intelligence thought my activism media was a threat! He claimed that soldiers had a lot of unauthorized access to the internet via unofficial wi-fi and that they could find my blog and podcast easily. Here are my thoughts about these events and a few snippets of relevant audio.

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Mobilecast:Making podcasts work on Cell Phones

I just ran across this neat piece of software called Mobilecast that helps you listen to podcasts on your phone. It basically automates the conversion and shortening of podcast mp3s into (MMS) AMR files. Many cell phones can’t play mp3s (but they seem to play AMR files), plus they don’t have rewind and fast-forward functions. This little app appears to convert the podcast right after you download it with iPodder and then chops them up into small 10 minute segments. This way if you get a call or are interrupted you don’t have to start listening to a whole 30 minute podcast all over again. [Note: I haven’t tried this software yet. My phone is sooooooo OLD.]

Here is my favorite part about this software. It works with Open Source software (iPodder) leveraging it’s power and is a piece of client software. (As apposed to a server side application that hides behind a fee wall.) I really believe that if you help empower individuals to use software themselves in the manner they choose and can afford you’ll unleashed a whole lot of good!

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Apple multi-button mouse

This post has nothing to do with activism… Enter the Apple MightyMouse. I must say this really feels like the end of one era and the begining of another. During One Button [DOB] and After One Button [AOB]. Yesterday we had only one button on the Mac mouse. Today we have a scroll ball, two buttons on the sides, and the good old single button in the middle. The Unix geek in me belives that Darwin, the BSD core of OS X, is influencing this Apple hardware change. Ah the simple joys of user interfaces. (The geeks say this isn’t really a multibutton mouse. But a set of sensors that act like buttons.) NEXT: Go to an Apple store and try one out. 🙂
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October 7 & 8, 2005 Ruby and I are headed west on I-40 about an hour and a half to ConvergeSouth 2005. Our neighbors down the road in Greensboro, NC are holding an event dedicated to creativity and diversity on the Internet. Friday Ruby is on a panel called “Blogging and community building” with Dan Gilmore and David Hoggard.

GovergeSouth2005 is FREE. So everyone out there who wants to learn from the best about online community, blogs, podcasting, etc., should show up. 😀
(I wonder if it’ll be held in a UnConference style?)