Audio Activism has iTunes RSS syntax

I finally gave Audio Activism’s podcast feeds an overhaul. The main podcast feed now has iTunes specific syntax. It basically makes AudioActivism easy to subscribe to and look nice in iTunes (plus some extra metadata that I admit is cool). Though I really wish Apple would work with the RSS 2.0 dev community and help create standardized RSS podcast syntax. I mean it’s like the browser wars all over again!

This was all done pretty fast and easy with the WP-iPodCater. Very nice WordPress plugin with a wonderful Options page to set up stuff easily. Plus I put a iTunes badge over there on the right. It opens iTunes on your computer and helps you subscribe with one click. Please let me know if ya’ll have any troubles subcribing or downloading with the new RSS feed. You shouldn’t have to change the URL. 😀

All of the other RSS feeds for still work. You can find them all here on the Feeds page. (Ex. RSS 2.0 Valid, Atom, RSS 2.0 Valid with Comments, RSS 2.0 Valid PSA Podcasts, etc.) I must admit I was inspired to create a feeds page by the daily video blog RocketBoom. They have a very simple RSS page with links to all their RSS feeds. Sweet!