September 24 Anti-War March in DC

On Saturday, September 24 in Washington, DC a lot is going on to help END THE WAR IN IRAQ! Here is the basic schedule from United for Peace and Justice.
10:00AM All-Day Peace & Justice Festival Begins, Washington Monument Grounds
11:30AM Rally at Ellipse
12:30PM March steps off
3:00PMOperation Ceasefire” Concert featuring Cindy Sheehan, Jello Biafra, The Coup, Le Tigre, Thievery Corporation, and more!

Check out this map with the march route. Click on it for Google Maps info.

Bring yourself to these events! Come and talk with others about your concern for the state of the world. We can create positive change!

Lots of people tell themselves that a single event like a march could not stop a war. Hell we’ve been trying to stop war in America almost since it founding. Right? It isn’t like the Shrub is going to hold a press conference the day after the march and say, “Come on home!” to the men and women in the US Military. But when we get together at big events like marches we learn that we are not alone. A lot of people want peace and justice in our country and our world. We can gain a new energy and make new friends that can work together to make it happen.

Think of these events as a huge lefty networking party. The potential for violence is over rated and exploited by police and main stream media. After all what’s better American entertainment than video of police beating people in the streets? [sarcasm] How much advertising money do you think is made on cable news shows while they play violent footage over and over again?

Seriously… the more people who come, the more families who bring their children, the more people of all ages, races, genders, nationalities, and faiths who attend, the better chance we have of REAL success. Let’s create our own peoples coalition and end the war on Iraq!

4 thoughts on “September 24 Anti-War March in DC”

  1. I’ll be there! When is the NC crew getting into town? It’ll be my first DC rally since A16 [World Bank/IMF protest] back in 1999 or 2000 when I was a student down there. I took photos then and I’ll be taking photos this time too. But not on my old 35mm AE-1, but my new digital D70.

  2. Hey Brian!
    I too will be there, transit via Traction bus-

    Are you going? let me know because I would love to meet up with you and see some of your podcasting in ACTION!…I was thinking of trying (on a very small scale) myself.

    Thanks for the post!

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