Reassuring a Plane’s passengers from MSNBC

8:30pm EST : I’m watching live, the JetBlue flight 292 circle LAX on the cable news channel MSNBC. The airplane is having serious landing gear problems. They are about to make an emergency landing. The LA NBC affiliate news host just reminded the MSNBC folks that all of the Jetblue planes have TVs in their headrest. It’s possible the passengers could be watching the news coverage of this event as we speak. In attempt at being reassuring the host told the passengers that everything that could be done is being done. I almost hope they are not watching. How horrible to see this perspective from INSIDE an airplane. Is this a media first? The plane should land within minutes.

UPDATE: 9:20pm EST The plane has landed safely. The front landing gear just melted away without collapsing. They brought it to a complete stop with no apparent fire. Wow!

MSNBC says they have spoken ( or texted via a blackberry?) to a passenger on the plane “confirming” that the TVs on the plane were turned off. They also say that there were MSNBC Universial employees on-board whom have texted them.

9:42pm Now they are speaking to a passenger via cellphone who is on a bus just off the plane. He just said that the passengers where watching MSNBC and “getting great information from MSNBC”. He was sitting in the exit row. He also said they shut off the LIVE TV along with the air conditioning three to four minutes before landing.

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