Doug Kaye Gets It

Live at the Duke Podcasting Symposium

So far this morning at the Duke Podcasting Symposium I’m really enjoying what Doug Kaye has to say. His entire presentation exudes a feeling of understanding, of GETTING IT. Wether it’s a non-profit model or a for profit model. IT really is helping people, while making enough money to keep doing it. Getting this IT is REALLY important.

A title for one of his slides is ‘The Value of Free’. Basically if someone can’t link to it – content like audio – there can be no conversation about it. Podcasts and blogs exist because of conversations created by linking via html tags. This all comes back to what Doc Searls has been saying for years, “Markets are Conversations”. (see The Cluetrain Manifesto) Facilitate conversations and you have a business with a soul.

Why should businesses help citizen journalist create media?
To help people reach their passion points. A passion point according to Michael Geoghegan is the place where a person is super happy doing what they love. In his example getting free pre-release movies on DVD. My passion point is seeing people make their own media that creates a loud voice against injustice.

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  1. It’s such a relief to hear that folks who are making money on it understand that what makes it awesome is not the ability to be cashed-in-upon!

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