Discover, Report, Share talk at Shaw University

Tara Kachgal invited me to speak to her Introductory Multimedia class at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. Shaw was founded in 1865 and is the oldest historically black college of the South. I gave my Discover, Report, Share presentation to a small group last Friday. (My slide presentation is only about 10 minutes long. We got straight into the Q&A. Time really flew by.)

Everyone asked lots of good questions. We talked about the Olympus DS-2 audio recording device I carry around, why I consider myself a media activist and not a journalist, and a lot more. This mp3 is a recording of the entire conversation. A very large thank you to Tara for inviting me. It was an honor for me to be at Shaw University.

MP3 47m 54s 21.9MB 64kbps

Dr. Cornel West on Racism and Hurricane Katrina

Dr. West drops some serious thoughts on us. Here is only part. Read the whole thing.

In the end George Bush has to take responsibility. When [the rapper] Kanye West said the President does not care about black people, he was right, although the effects of his policies are different from what goes on in his soul. You have to distinguish between a racist intent and the racist consequences of his policies. Bush is still a ‘frat boy’, making jokes and trying to please everyone while the Neanderthals behind him push him more to the right.

Thank you for linking to this Sally.

Minnesota Stories is so Cool!

iTunes Plays Video

This post started off as just a fan boy kiss to Apple for making iTunes. Hence the screen shot there. But after watching Chuck Olsen’s newest Minnesota Stories called Minneapolis Primary [ MOV ] I just had to tip my hat to him. Watch it! It’ll make you laugh. As funny if not more so than John Stewart. Chuck, when are they going to call YOU dude and give ya a job!?!? Soooooo I must point out that iTunes not only will help you play, subscribe, and download audio but VIDEO too. WOW that is so cool! God I gota’ visit Minneapolis again soon!

Podcasting Roberts Nomination Hearings

A good way to determine what is really going on during the Roberts nomination hearings in Washington, DC is to use the Internet. Try watching the hearings on C-Span (cable tv and online) to get the pretty much unfiltered content. It’s hard to find time to pay attention to it all. But isn’t this why we go to the media for excerpts, interpretations, and analysis? Bloggers and podcasters included. We’re simply filling a large need for new analysis and simple pointers. Like the URLs I’m dropping on ya. 😀

NPR (National Public Radio) is podcasting large parts of the hearings and then allowing pundits/experts to comment. This is valuable but tricky. It’s really difficult for us all to make heads or tales of it all. You need good media literacy skills to keep up with what is going on. I wish a citizen journalist was in these meetings making recordings. I suppose I’d trust him or her more than NPR.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is also podcasting a comentary. You can also go to their main site and get several One Click podcast subscription links. (ala iTunes) It’s helpful to hear from the activist in the field and get their straight forward point of view.

The local legacy of James Cates

Here is a very small part of Mr. Cates story. Matt Robinson, a local historian, posted more on Here is a bit:

James Lewis Cates, Jr., was born in 1948 in Chapel Hill. A life-long resident of the town, he was born into the predominantly African-American Northside community, and he bore witness to the monumental changes of the 1960s. He participated in civil rights sit-ins, was arrested along with hundreds of his peers, and was a member of the very first fully integrated graduating class of Chapel Hill High School in 1967.

James Cates died on November 21, 1970, fatally stabbed in the course of a knife-fight that occurred just outside the doors of the snack bar at the UNC Union. He bled to death lying on the bricks of the Pit. His killers were members of a Durham-based motorcycle gang, known as the Stormtroopers. They were notorious figures in the area, unmistakable on their Harley Davidson bikes and decked out in Nazi paraphernalia.

Last night Ruby and I went to Blood Done Sign OUR Names: The Lessons of Censored History For Our Struggles Today’ held on the UNC campus last night. It was sponsored by Campaign for Historical Accuracy and Truth (CHAT), CampusY, Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP, Student Action with Workers (SAW), UNC NAACP, United Electrical Workers Local 150 (UE 150), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), UNC-Chapel Hill Feminist Students United (fsu).

The place was packed with about 150 people to see the four person panel. (scheudal to be five) One panelist was Tim Tyson, the author of Blood Done Sign My Name. His words were very relevant to the students in the room because his book was a summer reading assignment for freshmen. (Called the Carolina Summer Reading Program) Yet another so called “controversial” selection. In the last few years UNC students have been asked to read Nickeled and Dimed which is about the struggle of low payed workers and Approaching the Qur’an which discuses the Muslim holy book. It’s great that these choices create such controversy. It gets people young and old thinking.

The absolutely riveting part of the night for me was when Matt Robinson told the story of the 1970 murder of African American James Cates in Chapel Hill. Matt wrote his master’s thesis on this terrible event. He gave so many details from so many perspectives. It was obvious he has spent years interviewing eye witnesses. It’s one thing when a historian reconstructs a story as fact but quite another when they provide first person accounts. I hope to bring Matt back to the AudioActivism studios and record his telling of these sad events.

All Americans need to organize and attend events like these. It is so important that all races, genders, and classes get together and discuss the difficult topics.

HHB FlashMic

HHB Flash MicDavid Battino over at O’Reilly Digital Media tips us to a potentially cool tool for podcasters. The HHB Flash Mic looks like a wireless karaoke microphone but it’s specs don’t read like a toy. The Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with 1GB of flash recording memory is nothing to laugh at. With USB as an output/input to your computer this device looks very cool for interviews on the road. Due out in 2006. Drool… Hey HHB! Send me one in the mail and I will create a nice review for ya! 🙂

Blast it from the Roof Tops!

ko_bushThis podcast is a MP3 hiphop anthem of revolution. It’ll be HUGE in no time. The title says it all…

Title: George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People
By The Legendary K.O., Produced by Kanye West & Jon Brion
Words by Big Mon and Damien a/k/a Dem Knock-Out Boyz

Thanks for the link Albert and Matt to FWMJ’s Rappers I know Month
Click on ‘more’ for the lyrics to the song. Albert of the DragonBallYee Blog wrote them down for us.
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Is a huge NOLA land grab coming?

When I think about New Orlean’s reconstruction I really worry that the renters and poor residents will be squeezed out. A LARGE portion who are African American. With the huge amount of land and property that will have to be rebuilt there is a serious financial opportunity for developers. There is also a GIANT opportunity for developers to DO THE RIGHT THING and correct decades of unfair housing practices. In just a few years we could create new neighborhoods that will house and raise wonderful families with the ability to live the american dream. But developers won’t do this on their own. In their eyes community development just isn’t cost effective. That’s why citizen journalist need to hold developers feet to the fire!

Ed Cone links to a Atrios blog post with similar concerns. It is also the moral responsibility of the main stream media to keep a VERY close eye on this. The real story will be seriously obfuscated behind the bueracracy of planning boards, corrupt politics, and back room meetings. Bloggers, podcasters, and other citizen journalist can really help with this. We have the collective time to record all that goes on. Let’s keep the rebuilding process of New Orleans honest and fair for all!

Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup

I went to our local blogger meetup last night with Ruby. It was really wonderful to see everyone again, plus several new faces. I realized it’s been awhile and I missed them. (Especially you Mr.Justinsomnia)

Here are the details for future blogger meetups. If you’re in the area for any reason just drop on by.

What: Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup
When: Second and Fourth Thursdays at 7 pm
Where: 3 Cups, West End Courtyard, Chapel Hill, NC
(You can find the pdf for the flyer on this page.)

Big thanks to Anton Zuiker aka mistersugar and BlogTogether for continuing to organize this!