Socially Responsible Hurricane Katrina Relief

Ruby tells us that the Radical Reference librarians have links to Socially Responsible Hurricane Katrina Relief. Check ’em out.

In other news… The US Department of Homeland Security won’t let the American Red Cross into New Orleans. This is the Red Cross’s official FAQ about the matter. Here is a news story about it and here is another. IMHO ya’ll should still give blood and money to the Red Cross. So many people who’ve left N.O. need help, too. Just select your donations carefully with your heart and mind.
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Everyone should Volunteer

Please consider volunteering directly to help people effected by Hurricane Katrina. To get involved check out this website: Here is a bit of info from this site.

Health Care Professionals and Relief Personnel Worker Page

The Office of The Surgeon General and the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness are in the process of mobilizing and identifying healthcare professionals and relief personnel to assist in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. As our nation and global community is now aware, the healthcare needs resulting from Katrina are critical.

We are currently looking for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals and relief personnel with expertise in the following areas:

Administration/Finance Officers
Nursing Assistants/Nursing Support Technicians
Chaplain/Social Worker
Nursing Staff Directors
Clinical Physicians
Patient Transporters/Volunteers
Physician’s Assistants or Nurse Practitioners
Environmental Health
Physician Chiefs of Staff
Respiratory Therapists
Facility Managers
Safety Officers
IT/Communications Officers
Security Officers
Social Workers
Medical Clerks
Supply Managers
Mental Health Workers

Podcast PSA for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) requesting that people get involved and help those effected by Hurricane Katrina. Bellow is the transcript. There is a MP3 version and a high quality AIFF for you to use. I encourage all podcasters and radio stations to download this and use it ASAP.

MP3 30s 232MB 64kbps
AIFF 30s 2.49MB 705kbps 44.1 kHz

PSA Transcript:
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you can help people in need. Here are a few suggestions.
Contact your local Red Cross, Donate blood, call 1-800-help-now, you can also donate money, goto, and as well you can contact your local church, synagogue, or mosque and find out what they are doing to help people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for your help and get involved!

Relief for the People of New Orleans

Yesterday I heard some New Orleans jazz on the radio and almost cried. Here is a list of links to sites that are doing all they can to help the refuges of Hurricane Katrina. (That’s a link to Wikipedia’s great page of info)

Network for Good has a lits of charities that could use your help.

Craigslist is doing amazing things. With their large national network people are mobilizing all by themselves. Here is their Katrina relief page. Craig Newmark has been linking to amazing acts of kindness on his blog.

Andy Carvin of the Digital Divide Network has set up a blog called Katrina Aftermath. Anyone can blog on the site via email, record a bit of audio on the phone that becomes a podcast, and put a picture up. He has also suggested that Friday, September 2 be International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day. So link to this technorati url here from your blog post about Hurricane Katrina relief.