Best of Audio Activism Year One

Wow, I’ve been podcasting and blogging for about one year! The Internet world is a funny place. It has a tempo the speed of a bunny’s heart. Podcasting itself has only been a public phenomena for a year and already startup companies are gathering large sums of venture capital, US politicians are using podcasting as a pulpit, the main stream media (not just radio but newspapers too) have adopted it, conferences of all kind are being held (like PodcasterCon), individuals are speaking to the world, and it’s enabeling real positive change.

Here are a few of the podcasts I made in 2004 and 2005 that I’m the most proud of. A Best of Audio Activism Year One.

Messages for Soldiers in Iraq, March 25, 2005
MP3 9m 5s 4.2MB 64kbps

One Man Protests Racism at Walmart, May 29th, 2005
MP3 3m 55s 1.8MB 64kbps

Interview with Lou Plummer
, March 3, 2005
MP3 27m 9s 12.5MB 64kbps

Jon Elliston speaks at the Carrboro Book Fair, May 22, 2005
MP3 36m 21s 16.7MB 64kbps