3 thoughts on “DVD Ripping and the Video iPod”

  1. I want to add that I don’t think the video ipod will hurt DVD sales. Even with DVD ripping so easy. On the contrary it will encrease digital movie sales and give movie studios the ability to transition out of the DVD standard and over to a profitable online movie distro. The paradigm has shifted hard. My serious guess is that Apple has already negotiated with many of the movie companies. “Worst Nightmare” might be a bit strong. But it grabs yer attention doesn’t it. 😀

    The best part of the video ipod is the new physical sharing method for vloggers.

  2. I would agree. I also see a lot of people who own the original DVD wanting to rip these and put them on the iPod too. This will make Apple quickly get full movies onto the music store quicker, just like music. Its win/win for all concerned but only if they act quick and keep the prices fair and cheap.

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