ConvergeSouth-Voices of Iraq, Military blogging and reporting

ConvergeSouth – Fri. Oct. 7
Voices of Iraq, Military blogging and reporting

This is stuff I heard and captured my attention enough to write down. Not a complete transcript. 😀

MI = My Impression

Christy Seals, wife of a solider, Ryan Seals, in Iraq

Allison Perkins, reporter, N&R reporter, former Stars and Stripes reporter

Lots of soldiers use blogs to communicate with their loved ones.
Soldiers have to report to their chain of command that they have a blog.
Commanding Offices read their soldiers blogs.

If a soldiers write about something that is off limits they can be punished.
Family members are careful about what they write, “I rather be careful about what I write and have my husband return home ok.” says Christy Seals

Soldiers and families use IM, video conferencing, blogs, email. It helps moral of the soldiers a lot.

Even grandma is using AOL to check the blog.

European journalist are covering the stories in Iraq more than US journalist. -Perkins

Perkins wasn’t allowed to take pictures of distroyed vehicles.

Anonymous bloggers have been called out. Blogs have been shut down by the military.

The miltarybride website creator, a wife of a soldier, had to move her site because her husbands commanding officer read it and got upset.

How activley are soilders emails are being censord?

(questioned asked by a man who claimed to have done the censoring in the Navy)
“Navy blocks outside email, extreme technical challenge to filter gmail or outside email”

Do you see the governemts oportunities to promote a positive image of Iraq?
There are guys there are very happy to be their. The gov. is going to use it. Sure. Wouldn’t you.

Perkins –
I was their to cover the soilders from the local towns for the local paper. I wasn’t there to disover if we are winning the war.

M.I. – The military is providing ‘Internet Cafes’ for soilders. Encouraging them to use the Internet. What can the US Military learn from data collected by monitoring all the electronic communications coming in and out of Iraq? What kind of metadata can be created from monitoring collecting?

URLs from the session

Audio from Greensboro’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings

Listen to testimony during the third round of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission public hearings held Sept. 30-Oct. 1.
Recorded and edited by Ed Whitfield, a volunteer for the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

There are twenty five mp3s that are approximately thirty minutes long. Wow! Ed Cone and other Greensboro bloggers have been covering the recent events of this story well. A big thanks to the Greensboro newspaper the News and Record for hosting this audio. I agree with Ed this is good journalism.
Via: Ed Cone

Loving America

Via the Blog from Bolivia:
“As I see it, the people who love “America” best are not those who see immorality in the commitment of two gays who love one another and see morality in warfare based on a lie. All that, to me, is what is resolutely “anti-American”. I believe that the people who love America most are those who seek to hold it to the standards which we set for ourselves at the start: truth, justice, liberty, freedom, equality.”

Fred Stutzman reports on Student Data Sharing

Fred Stutzman has been studying the AMAZING amount of information that high school and college students give away to the social networking site Facebook. It’s a website like Friendster that is only for students and is divided into areas for each university. (For example the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.) This podcast is a recording of his presentation titled, “An Evaluation of Identity Sharing in Social Networking Communities” aka The Facebook Talk. Here is Fred’s blog post about his studies on the Ibiblio blog Notes from the ‘Lab. Check out the amazing things he has learned from analyzing this data. Ah… the power of metadata.

MP3 30m 48s 14.7MB 64kbps

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales at UNC

Who: Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales
When: 3:30 Wednesday October 5
Where: 209 Manning Hall, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
What: A talk about the world’s most popular encyclopedia and news source, Wikipedia and Wikinews by the man who invented and sustains them.

More about Jimmy and Wikipedia:

School of Information and Library Science
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Scholarly Communications Working Group

Best of Audio Activism Year One

Wow, I’ve been podcasting and blogging for about one year! The Internet world is a funny place. It has a tempo the speed of a bunny’s heart. Podcasting itself has only been a public phenomena for a year and already startup companies are gathering large sums of venture capital, US politicians are using podcasting as a pulpit, the main stream media (not just radio but newspapers too) have adopted it, conferences of all kind are being held (like PodcasterCon), individuals are speaking to the world, and it’s enabeling real positive change.

Here are a few of the podcasts I made in 2004 and 2005 that I’m the most proud of. A Best of Audio Activism Year One.

Messages for Soldiers in Iraq, March 25, 2005
MP3 9m 5s 4.2MB 64kbps

One Man Protests Racism at Walmart, May 29th, 2005
MP3 3m 55s 1.8MB 64kbps

Interview with Lou Plummer
, March 3, 2005
MP3 27m 9s 12.5MB 64kbps

Jon Elliston speaks at the Carrboro Book Fair, May 22, 2005
MP3 36m 21s 16.7MB 64kbps