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Star WarsSTAR WARS gif – Episode IV told using an animated gif.

Rading the 20th Century MP3 – a mashup by DJ Food

A podcast RSS feed of MP3s bookmarked on What a great way to find new audio! Just copy that link into your podcast download app (iTunes, Juicer aka ipodder, etc.) and get what ever the group mind that is selects.

“Being a strong opposition instead of a weak government has its advantages”

Jim Shultz over at the Blog from Bloivia has written an interesting primer/analysis of Bolivian politics. Not the whole history but a glimpse of what’s going on right now. Especially as it relates to Evo Morales and the MAS parties run for President this year.

The most amazing part he reveals is that “Winning the Popular Vote is Not Winning the Presidency” in Bolivia. I’m just beginning to understand how other countries political systems work. It demonstrates just how unfairly the US system blocks diverse groups from realistically participating in government. The US brand of democracy is so flawed. It completely depends on its flag waving PR to exist. If only the majority of US citizens knew how unfair their system was AND really cared about it… IMAGINE!

It seems no matter where you live, “Being a strong opposition instead of a weak government has its advantages”.

Don’t Bomb Us – A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

I’ve read on a few blogs that some staff members of Al-Jazeera, an Arab satellite TV station, have created a blog called Don’t Bomb Us – A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers. It appears to be in response to the story in the British Daily Mirror newspaper that Bush and Blair discussed plans to bomb the buildings of Al-Jazeera. (The fact is the US military did bomb Al-Jazeera buildings several times killing at least one Al-Jazeera staff member. Each time the US military claimed it was an accident despite direct hits on these buildings.)

From DemocracyNow:

The attack in Iraq killed Al Jazeera’s correspondent Tariq Ayub. Ayub’s widow, Dina, said she is now considering suing the U.S. government for her husband’s death. She said “America always claimed it was an accident. But I believe the new revelations prove that claim was false or at least not trustworthy.”

At first I was a bit skeptical that this blog was really by Al-Jazeera staff. Then I read about it on Global Voices Online, a blog I trust, and I saw the AlJazeera staff want answers flickr photo set. Propaganda? All depends on who you trust I guess. People in the US who still trust Bush will think so.

From the AlJazeera staff want answers flickr photo set:

Al Jazeera staff organised a symbolic gathering outside their offices Thursday, 24 November 2005.

We demand that the truth about Daily Mirror report to be revealed and that the Britsh and American governments tell us the truth about Bush wanting to bomb Al Jazeera.

These are a few examples why individual citizens using blogs and social software like Flickr are better than the main stream media. WE can develop personal trusted networks that can help to verify a story quickly AND democratically.

YES there are real human lives being taken by the US military! YES there are real people who live in fear of this violence! When we hear from people in danger US world domination becomes much less abstract. It’s not just some “terrorist TV station” or “evil other person” anymore. (Not that many of us ever belived these Bush government lies…) Blogs like Don’t Bomb Us can show the real potential of increased humanization that the Internet provides.

Delicious Rocks with Playtagger

The social bookmarking site has released a neat bit of javascript that allows mp3s linked to on your site to be played right in the browser. I’ve been thinking about using something like this for awhile. None of the other solutions seemed to work very well. This just does! It uses a little flash movie that is very usable. Look at the podcast blog post bellow. See the little blue arrow play button? Try clicking on it. Not only can you preview my podcasts without having to download them first you can bookmark my podcasts in too. Wow! Go get the small bit of code you need to put in your html. Here is the help page for playtagger. Holly crap my Audio Archives page just lights up with easy to listen to content. If you’re already playing one bit of audio and click on another play button the earlier mp3 stops for the new one. Cool!

PodcasterCon Updates

PodcasterCon is getting closer! [Jan. 7, 2006] Here is a bunch of info I’ve put up on the PodcasterCon blog and wiki recently.

Reserved Hotel Rooms
We have a block of rooms reserved at a local hotel for PodcasterCon. I sent an email to all the people who’ve registered – as of Nov.23, 2005 – and checked they need help finding a place to stay. If you havn’t registered please do. REGISTER FOR PODCASTERCON HERE. Here is the hotel info:

Hampton Inn Chapel Hill
1740 Fordham Blvd.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
United States
Tel: +1-919-968-3000
Fax: +1-919-929-0322

The rooms are available for $79 a night. Don’t forget to mention our group name – PodcasterCon – when making a reservation. They claim to have WiFi. 🙂

The hotel is about 3 miles from the event site. We plan on picking up a group from the hotel the morning of the event and taking people back to the hotel later in the day. So please let me know where you end up staying. More info as we get closer to January 7 – PODCASTERCON 2006!

Big mad props to Mur Lafferty and Ryan Ireland for help with the hotels! 😀

Airport Info
The closest airport to UNC, where we’re having PodcasterCon, is RDU – Raleigh-Durham International Airport. It’s about 30 minutes drive from UNC. GSO – Piedmont Triad International Airport – is about one hour from UNC. CLT – Charlotte Douglas International Airport – is about three hours from UNC.

There are no quick and cheap public transportation options from RDU to UNC. There is a regional bus. Go to It could take an hour to get from RDU to UNC, plus a fair amount of confusion if you take the bus.

Check with the hotel you are staying at and see if they offer shuttle service. Any local folks who are willing to pick up people at the airport let us know in the comments.

If anyone needs a ride post your arrival time here, airline, and cell number to hook up with people to share a cab. A cab ride from RDU to UNC will be about $30.

New Wiki
I just finished installing a new wiki for PodcasterCon. All the old information is there from the old one. This wiki uses the MediaWiki software and should be more robust. In case you hadn’t noticed the old wiki was acting up.

Here is the new URL. Please update your bookmarks, but all the old ones should redirect to the new pages. All the most up-to-date info about PodcasterCon will be posted there. Get ready for more info on how you can add to it before and DURING PodcasterCon2006! (Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.)

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NYT magazine on Bolivia and Evo Morales

Blog from Boliva recomends a article from the New York Times magazine called Che’s Second Coming? By David Rieff. It’s a pretty fair look at Evo Morales and the leftist revolution occuring in Bolivia. At least from what I know on this subject – which probably isn’t sufficiant. That’s why I’m reading more.

I have to agree with the commenters on Blog from Boliva that the focus on Che seems mostly hype. From the comments:

“Che was a white man trying to rally the indigenous around his favored issues. Evo is indigenous and trying to rally everyone simultaneously around his issues and those that affect everyone. If a purely classist stance is taken (Che,) the age-old ethnic divide will keep the indigenous from true liberation.”

Read the artilce, blog, and all of the comments to some context.

Banksy Stencil Art Rat


Originally uploaded by Babylon Fish.

In my exploration of stencil art in DIY books at the Internationalist bookstore and on the photo website Flickr I’ve discovered BANSKY. He’s this amazing street artist from Bristol, UK. Art historians might call him a public artist. I see him as a Robin Hood Artist, stealing from the rich property owners and giving to the people beauty. Please check out his website and the amazing collection of photos of his work on Flicr. Tag: Bansky