Unisex Bathrooms

Unisex Ok… this post isn’t spam beacuse it’s title has the word sex in it. (might attract a lot of spam. tho’…) The fact is gender is a very important part of our lives. It’s who we are, literally. Gender is Political. How we function and live is very important. Dis-Ability is Political.

So this morning I saw this sign. It is a xeroxed peice of paper COVERING a permanent women’s bathroom sign in a university building. It reads; “UNISEX” “It Does not matter if you have a vagina, penis, or other, ALL bathrooms should be accessible to ALL people.”, and “Should be Accessible to Differently-Abled People”

Interesting awareness campaign. I’d call this protest art. (Sidenote: I took these pics with my Treo 650 camera, then uploaded them to Flickr. Capturing stuff like this is what makes a mobile camera with a network connection awesome!)

Unisex pt. 2

Unisex pt3

6 thoughts on “Unisex Bathrooms”

  1. Well that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a stick figure in that position. Also, the disabled figure is drawn like a word in Arabic.

    This is interesting, but I’m not clear on what injustice it is addressing.

  2. When there’s a long line in front of the Ladies’ and no waiting for the Mens’ I *totally* understand what injustice this is addressing.

  3. If it’s Dey Hall, I assume it’s addressing the injustice of there being only one bathroom on each floor, which each currently assigned to one sex or the other.

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