Banksy Stencil Art Rat


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In my exploration of stencil art in DIY books at the Internationalist bookstore and on the photo website Flickr I’ve discovered BANSKY. He’s this amazing street artist from Bristol, UK. Art historians might call him a public artist. I see him as a Robin Hood Artist, stealing from the rich property owners and giving to the people beauty. Please check out his website and the amazing collection of photos of his work on Flicr. Tag: Bansky

4 thoughts on “Banksy Stencil Art Rat”

  1. Very cool stencil! Also checked Bansky’s website. He has done really very cool stencils, unfortunately, I don’t have any of his works in my collection. well, not yet…

  2. i used to see banksy as some sort of artistic hero, reinventing art and going into museums and making fun of what stands at the moment, and being that actavist..but calling him the robin hood of the art world in my opinion is wrong, he may have started as one of these undergroud artists doing it for the fun of it, but nowerdays hes selling prints for hundreds, his BOGOF deal where he makes two sculptures is stupid, ‘gives’ one to the city, and sells the other at a much inflated price, the fact we dont know what he looks like isnt important, hes still become a household name, hehe, sorry i just started to see him as a sellout when i started to go deeper into the whole graffiti culture, theres better out there

  3. Good points Mike. I guess I was responding to the idea of an artist who makes work in public spaces in an impromptu fashion – without permission. I really don’t think that property owners should care what street artists do. Aesthetically I’d love a world with illustrations on every wall. Heck I’m not even sure that people should have sole ownership of some things. So the concept of making it illegal to draw on a wall is sort of absurd to me. But yes it seems the HYPE about bansky is huge. Please share URLs for graffiti artist work you know about. 🙂

  4. i think that mike is also right
    i love banksy artwork but since reading your comment i can see how it could become slightly less special to the indvidual.
    but if he continues to add more art work to our streets – we shouldnt judge him on where/ how he recieves his money
    no1 should be punished for doing something they love to do
    he makes a statement and give the ‘average joe’ something to look out for

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