NYT magazine on Bolivia and Evo Morales

Blog from Boliva recomends a article from the New York Times magazine called Che’s Second Coming? By David Rieff. It’s a pretty fair look at Evo Morales and the leftist revolution occuring in Bolivia. At least from what I know on this subject – which probably isn’t sufficiant. That’s why I’m reading more.

I have to agree with the commenters on Blog from Boliva that the focus on Che seems mostly hype. From the comments:

“Che was a white man trying to rally the indigenous around his favored issues. Evo is indigenous and trying to rally everyone simultaneously around his issues and those that affect everyone. If a purely classist stance is taken (Che,) the age-old ethnic divide will keep the indigenous from true liberation.”

Read the artilce, blog, and all of the comments to some context.

3 thoughts on “NYT magazine on Bolivia and Evo Morales”

  1. The fears may be a bit exaggerated, but who knows. When Lula was almost certain to win, foreign investors pulled their money from Brazil, but eased it back in over a period of months. What do you think about Kircher’s and Lula’s comments about Morales?

  2. From what I have read I belive Evo Morales will be a caring leader. It’s about time the world had more leaders like him. The level of anti-communist hype swirling around here in the US is gaining. But most neo-cons are so busy being hateful racists towards Arabs that commies go somewhat unnoticed. That’s all they see these men as. Stalinist communist dictators. WTF?!?! How they hell can they belive that? American’s ignorance of the differences between leftists is stunning. They really have no knowledge about the difference between socialist and stalinists.

    I blogged about Jim Shultz’s anayisis of Bolivian poltics here – Being a strong opposition instead of a weak government He has a theory that Morales may not become president if he wins. Instead opting to create positive change through coalition building not just gaining figure head power. Read the Blog from Boliva for better info.

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