Delicious Rocks with Playtagger

The social bookmarking site has released a neat bit of javascript that allows mp3s linked to on your site to be played right in the browser. I’ve been thinking about using something like this for awhile. None of the other solutions seemed to work very well. This just does! It uses a little flash movie that is very usable. Look at the podcast blog post bellow. See the little blue arrow play button? Try clicking on it. Not only can you preview my podcasts without having to download them first you can bookmark my podcasts in too. Wow! Go get the small bit of code you need to put in your html. Here is the help page for playtagger. Holly crap my Audio Archives page just lights up with easy to listen to content. If you’re already playing one bit of audio and click on another play button the earlier mp3 stops for the new one. Cool!