Economics is Pseudo-Science – Part 5

Economics is Pseudo-Science – Part 5, The Magic of Property
Here is Stan Goff reading the fifth track of his essay “Economics is Pseudo-Science”. Enjoy!

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A bit of this track to wet your whistle:
“Marx shifted the point of view of economics, whose point of view – ECHANGE – is the point of view of capitalists. Their lived experience revolves around relations of exchange, so this is their stadpoint. But Marx shifted to the point of view of workers, and for his analysis in Capital, he used the British mass production worker as his example. He adopted the standpoint of PRODUCTION, this is, the point of view of this wage worker – whom he called a proletarian – as the point of view of his analysis. The work of PRODUCING commodities is the central activity for the proletarian, which Marx pointed out is not NATURAL at all, but a socially constructed relationship of domination… the domination of the owner over the producer, or worker.” – Stan Goff