The Onion Radio News

Gawd Dang this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile! I wish my podcast sounded like this. I almost choked on my lunch when I heard the story, “Can Of Reddi-Wip Audibly Consumed In Next Cubicle” [MP3]. But the first mp3 of theirs I discovered was “Bush Proposes Trickle-Down Electronics Plan For School Computers” [MP3]. This one is ironic and scary, but hilarious!

The Onion Radio News is hosted by Doyle Redland an AM radio sounding dude. His voice and the production values of the audio are a spot on parody. If you weren’t listening carefully you’d swear it was a serious news segment ala ABC news radio.

I looked for a podcast feed for Onion Radio News and couldn’t find one. It seems they do have a RSS 2.0 feed but no enclosure tags therein. (Here is The Onion rss feed page. Pick one.) I’ll keep checking back to the site and ignoring the ads I guess….

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