Runing Windows on a Intel Mac

Yes you read that title correctly. The new Intel Macintosh computers that were announced yesterday by Steve Jobs should be able to run Windows. At first it may not be very easy to do so. But in time, that hurdle will be overcome. See the article, Microsoft, Apple Sign 5-Year Software Pact.

What does this mean for activism, specifically media activism? At first look this means that we’ll have access to ALL of the powerful Windows and Macintosh software on one machine. This is huge! The reality is both operating have unique strengths. It’s an exponential power increase. This new power jump can really help activists.

Will Mac OS X run on a PC? Not any time soon. This is disappointing. Especially for bridging the digital divide. PC hardware tends to be less expensive. It’s what tons of schools and community technology centers have. But those machines will get old and unusable eventually. If you’re responsible for purchasing new computers, and are on a tight budget, consider buying or finding donations of the Apple Mac Mini. It doesn’t have an Intel chip yet but will soon. Once it does you’ll have one very small computer that is relatively inexpensive, can run Windows and OS X, and will be an extremely powerful tool.

In the near future computers will be so cheap and powerful that we can only dream of the RADICAL change we can bring upon the world with a few key strokes. (BTW… this is a good thing. Change is good.)