Onion Radio News Still Making Me Laugh

Arensb over at ooblick.com posted a link in an old thread that The Onion Radio News finally has a podcast feed. Yeah! It’s a iTunes store link. 🙁 Where is the straight RSS 2.0? What about other podcatching software? Always got to monetize everything huh? Ok. Whatever… I have a iTunes link too. Lots of new podacst listeners are going to the iTunes cause it’s trusted and easy. Why does it take a big corproation to inspire trust in people? Ok, end of rant. More about the laughing.

I just listened to Scientists Say Venom Taken From Politicians Could Provide Medical Benefits and laughed out LOUD!

Note to self: Never eat or drink while listening to The Onion Radio News. Unless you want it spit all over your monitor. 😀 (I’m serious this shit is funny. Depressed cause that Shrub is a sadistic criminal? Get your releaf from the sound of Doyle Redland.)