The End of Privacy: for Real This Time!

The sad reality is that the US Government has been spying on it’s citizens for decades. (ex. Operation Shamrock where the US Gov. gathered telegraphs) But finally George W. Bush has admited to it. [?!?] Learn more about this subject by reading the following, the NY Times article that broke the story, CNN comments on it, Security Focus links to all kinds of stuff. Sadly the media really isn’t serving us very well with this story. The NY Times says they knew about the story for more than a YEAR but chose not to release it citing national security.

Organizations are now doing somthing about this. The ACLU is suing the NSA! [Wow!] There is something you can do about it. Sign the Move On Pettition to Restore the Rule of Law. Here is the letter that will be sent to your elected representative and the Justice Department. Public pressure works. Especially during a election year.


TO: Your Senators
CC: (Attorney General Alberto Gonzales)
FROM: (Your Name and Email)
SUBJECT: Thoroughly Investigate the Wiretapping Program

Dear (Senator/Attorney General),

(Your personal note)

President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of potentially illegal wiretaps, and he doesn’t plan to stop. This abuse of power threatens the very core of our Constitution.

We demand a thorough and independent investigation of the Bush administration’s allegedly illegal wiretapping activities, including: (1) appointment of an independent counsel to respond to any criminal activity that may have taken place, (2) a thorough, meaningful and open Congressional investigation, (3) protection for all whistleblowers who come forward with evidence of wrongdoing in this program.

(Your name)
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