Interview with Mike Hachey of Student Action with Workers

Emiliano ZapataThis podcast is an interview with undergraduate Mike Hachey of Student Action with Workers. We discussed the circumstances leading up to a march and rally they held last wednesday at the Lenoir Dining hall at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Students are mobilizing support for worker-led campaigns to achieve collective bargaining and a living wage. They’re working at the request of dining hall workers, who are employees of the subcontractor Aramark corporation and not the University (an important distinction since state employees have limited collective bargaining rights).

We also discussed the specifics of “team cleaning,” a new unfair management practice that forces workers to perform one repetitive task for eight hours straight. It’s stated goal in company literature is to increase revenue for the University by eliminating jobs, despite the promise to workers from management that it won’t.

We discussed what students, staff, and faculty can do to join the workers in their struggle and lots more. I hope to record more conversations with Mike in the future. Check out the UNC labor history time line on Wikipedia.

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