Act Now to Preserve Network Neutrality

Here is something you can do to prevent cyber extortion and promote network neutrality.

What’s network neutrality?
“Network neutrality” is a voluntary but guiding principle of the Internet which ensures that all users are entitled to access content and services or run applications and devices of their choice.

Sign a letter requesting network neutrality. It’ll go to the CEOs of the largest cable and telephone companies and the member of congress that represents you. These letter writting campaigns work!

You’re not alone in your concern. According to a poll by the Free Press Assoication, the Consumers Union, and Consumer Federation of America:

Two-thirds of Internet users have serious concerns about practices by Internet network owners to block or impair their access to information and services, and the majority of those surveyed support congressional action to prevent this practice, according to a new poll released today by consumer and public interest groups.

From New Survey: Consumers Want Congress to Protect Right to Access Information, Services on Internet

via: J.D. Lascica, Timothy Karr

2 thoughts on “Act Now to Preserve Network Neutrality”

  1. Can anyone say, “Red Herring”? As you might imagine, there are more sides to this debate than the shout of cyberextortion. Some other points are very legitimate and logical. Check out

    Maybe even some input some the Cisco folks might apply. You remember Ciso, right? They’ve had some experience on network pipes through the years…

    So I guess this is a dbate which will rage for some time?

  2. Thanks for the other points of view. I imagine there are lots of legitimate business reasons… if you are a business leader. But end users aren’t just concerned about getting to their favorite website. Many of us don’t want ANY control by ISPs of how, where, when, what, etc we use the Internet for. I think these new controls over Internet traffic by upstream providers (ISPs) could be exploited unfairly even though they might ALSO provide services people want. It’s just the sugar that makes the poison go down IMHO.

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