Search Google with Scroogle

A web based search service Scroogle can take your search requests, get them from Google, and then return them back to you. The Scroogle website claims that they have “no cookies, no search-term records, and access log deleted after 7 days”. For even more convenience use the Scroogle Firefox search plugin. You can search with Scroogle right in Firefox. All you have to do is open Firefox, go-to the above link, and click on the Scroogle Scraper link. Not sure if all this scraping of Google is legal but neither is privacy invasion by creating metadata of our search habits.

The Google Watch page- from the folks who provide Scroogle – has lots of interesting info about Google and it’s supposed misdeeds. It reads like conspiracy theory but in this day and age when the President of the United States admits to spying on US citizens it just isn’t that paranoid. You can almost hear all of the theorist out there screaming, “I TOLD YOU SO!” Not me tho’. I’m not screaming at no one… 🙂