Celebrating King’s Birthday with Rev. Barber

Today Ruby and I went to the annual Martin Luther King Jr. day rally and church service in Chapel Hill. We walked up to the post office where the towns rallies are usually held and listened to several local politicians, activists, pastors, students, and raging grannies. (The raging grannies are a group of liberal singing senior citizens. I never knew any liberal senior citizens before I moved to Chapel Hill… Wow.)

The highlight of my day was hearing Rev. Dr. William Barber II speak. Rev. Barber is the new president of the North Carolina conference of the NAACP. The theme of his sermon was “Silence is Betrayal”. It’s a quote from Martin Luther King’s speech at Riverside Church in New York on April 4, 1967. Dr. King was speaking out against an “unjust, evil and futile war” in Vietnam. Rev. Barber was speaking out against the “unjust, evil and futile war” in Iraq. The parallels between that time and now are scary. I’m so happy we have strong people to speak the truth. No matter how hard it is for some people to hear.

Bellow is a podcast Ruby and I recorded of our feelings of today events. Ruby has also blogged about it over at lotusmedia.org.

January 16 is now my favorite day of the year. I felt as if I might cry the whole time I was listening to Rev. Barber. Not tears of sadness but of relief that someone who could so eloquently and captivatingly tell all these people that WE MUST SPEAK UP!

MP3 13m 36s 6.3MB 64Kbps 44.1Mhz

The Stories of Experienced Radicals

Anton Zuiker is gearing up to work on his next project called NC Storyblogging aka Narratives of Your Life. It’s based on his interests in blogging, genealogy, storytelling and oral history. This is such a good idea!

It could be a wonderful way to transmit knowledge from generation to generation to generation. This project seems especially important, to me, because the technical illiteracy of some seniors can separate them and their knowledge from younger people who are on the Internet. Shouldn’t all knowledge, emotion, and experiences of adults be passed on to future generations? If we don’t document this information and put it on the Internet it may completely disappear in the future. Books of information will hopefully always be around. But because searching the Internet is so easy and discovering metadata from it is so great having your knowledge on the net is a necessity, IMHO.

A lot of my interest are in radical left politics and the activism that comes from struggle. Sadly many of these struggles are not new to human kind. It seems we’re always taking three steps forward and two steps back. We have traditional methods of passing on information about radical activism knowledge. Great books, teach-ins, consensus groups, fairs, bookstores, etc. But wouldn’t it be great to hear about how-to conduct a sit-in straight from men and women who’ve done it? Wouldn’t it be incredible to listen to instructions on organizing a strike? What about watching experienced radicals discuss movement building? There are so many more possibilities. I wish we had recordings of Bob Sheldon who founded the Internationalist Bookstore in 1981. (maybe we do… ?)

I suppose my recordings of Stan Goff reading his writing about Marxist economic theory counts. But the NC Storyblogging project may be looking for any content gathered. I’m sure rambling story telling is just as welcomed.

But because all knowledge is important I’m interested in documenting many things. Not just politically left concepts from experienced radicals. So I’m sure I’ll be helping Anton record all kinds of stuff. And to be perfectly clear Anton is interested in many story topics. So don’t assume my interest are a limitation of his wonderful project. Respect.

Non-Violent Protest is NOT terrorism

The FBI is investigating domestic activist groups and labeling them terrorists. Why does this sound a lot like COINTELPRO? Because it is!

FBI targeting US activist activities as ‘domestic terrorism’ from Asheville Global Report.

According to new documents released on Dec. 20 by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the FBI is using counterterrorism resources to monitor and infiltrate domestic political organizations that criticize business interests and government policies, despite a lack of evidence that the groups are engaging in or supporting violent action.

COINTELPRO is an acronym (‘Counter Intelligence Program’) for a program of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations within the United States. [Definition from Wikipedia]

Found link via Richard Stallman

Sex and War: a new book by Stan Goff

Stan’s new book Sex and War is now available for pre-order on Amazon. See reviews on his blog. Here is the books description:

The notion that war is intrinsic to man’s nature is dealt a powerful setback in Stan Goff’s Sex and War. Goff, a former Special Forces sergeant, argues persuasively that rather than being born that way, men are made into killers by governments, corporations, and systems of power. Drawing both on his experiences in the military and on his reading of feminist writers such as Patricia Williams, bell hooks, and Chandra Mohanty — and as the father of a son stationed in Iraq — Goff journeys through wars, ideologies, and cultures, revealing the transformation of men into killers. His story encompasses not just the battlefield and the book, but the Swift Boat Veterans controversy, the eros of George W. Bush, pornography, the Taliban, and gays and lesbians in the military. Goff’s remarkable ability to connect his own personal experiences to contemporary feminist criticism makes for a provocative discussion of war and masculinity.

Thanks to Ruby for reminding me to blog this… 😀

Runing Windows on a Intel Mac

Yes you read that title correctly. The new Intel Macintosh computers that were announced yesterday by Steve Jobs should be able to run Windows. At first it may not be very easy to do so. But in time, that hurdle will be overcome. See the article, Microsoft, Apple Sign 5-Year Software Pact.

What does this mean for activism, specifically media activism? At first look this means that we’ll have access to ALL of the powerful Windows and Macintosh software on one machine. This is huge! The reality is both operating have unique strengths. It’s an exponential power increase. This new power jump can really help activists.

Will Mac OS X run on a PC? Not any time soon. This is disappointing. Especially for bridging the digital divide. PC hardware tends to be less expensive. It’s what tons of schools and community technology centers have. But those machines will get old and unusable eventually. If you’re responsible for purchasing new computers, and are on a tight budget, consider buying or finding donations of the Apple Mac Mini. It doesn’t have an Intel chip yet but will soon. Once it does you’ll have one very small computer that is relatively inexpensive, can run Windows and OS X, and will be an extremely powerful tool.

In the near future computers will be so cheap and powerful that we can only dream of the RADICAL change we can bring upon the world with a few key strokes. (BTW… this is a good thing. Change is good.)

TV Activists Expose Corporate TV

TVParty!, an old TV show website, has a entry called TV Terrorist. It contains real historic examples of TV broadcasts being hijacked. Lots of comments by users too about the events and their details. Side Note: It’s really sad when the colloquial term for political action is terrorist not activist. The events described on the TVParty! website didn’t involve suiside bombers or any death that I’m aware of. Just dramatic oposition to corporations who lease the public’s airwaves. I’m so sick of the term activist being used pejoratively. (i.e. Judicial Activist) Anyway…

My favorite example on this site is called, “Sometimes it’s the network that does the hijacking!”. It’s an example of “hijacking” media with a spoof cartoon called Conspiricy House Rock (MPEG video). It appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1998 and is quite funny. See a transcript I found bellow on the site snltranscripts.jt.org.

Continue reading “TV Activists Expose Corporate TV”

Alito Must GO!

Judge Samuel Alito must NOT be nominated to the Supreme Court of the USA! He must not be given the chance to destroy a woman’s right to choose. I am all for any legal means of blocking his nomination. I hope the Democrats in congress use the filibuster. Show some damn spine ya’ll! You’ve been CYA for too long. Fight those Republicans! Can I be any more blunt?

You can get summaries of the Alito hearings at the Planed Parenthood Now What?! Blog. I believe you can also get some video streams of the hearings at CSPAN.org. They even have a CSPAN Podcast page.

Are there any citizen journalist covering this? Would be great to download the entire event via RSS!

BCR 46.1

Your greatest source for Brian radio!

I found this odd image while surfing tha internets… Don’t ask me. I didn’t make it. So you might wonder, “Why in the HELL post this image here?!” For starters my initials are B-C-R. Plus I sorta like radio stuff, but I don’t have a mustache.

Two Thousand Six: Photo and Video blogging

Lots ahead for me in this new year. PodcasterCon 2006 in a few days, getting married in July 2006, etc. etc. As for AudioActivism.org who knows exactly. I have some ideas though.

Right now I’m thinking about images and how to make them move. I got a Canon Digital Rebel XT recently and am enjoying the hell out of it. See my Photo Slide Show page for examples I’ve put on flicker.

One of my small goals for 2006 is to videoblog from AA.org. I’ve been working on a simple way to take still digital images, add audio, animate, and then export them to a mpeg4 file format. Why don’t I just use a digital video camera? Well… lack of time for one. It takes a lot of time to shoot, edit, and export GOOD video content. Lack of fast enough computer hardware for another. Also I’d like to complete a tutorial on how to create good video peices with minimal hardware and software.

Anarchogeek blogged about some neat examples of telling stories with photos in his post Photo Audio Story Telling….. Very inspirational stuff. It’s amazing what you can communicate with a few still images and an audio naration.