Bell South doesn’t care about geek people

That hilarious – yet deeply serious – post title is from a Digg story of the same name. The Digg user peb0424 shares with us a story from USA Today stating that the town of Lafayette, La is trying to install a fiber network and Bell South (shock!) and Cox Cable (Awe!) are suing to stop them.

From the story “Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet realm

To hear BellSouth talk, high-speed fiber lines are the way of the future. So why is it so determined to stop Lafayette, La., a rural community in the heart of Cajun country, from installing its own fiber?

Joey Durel, Lafayette’s mayor, has been asking himself that same question. His city plans to build an advanced broadband network to offer voice, data and video to its 116,000 residents. But local officials claim BellSouth is trying to kill the project. And they say it’s getting help from Cox, the local cable-TV operator.

“We have the opportunity to do something great for this community — and in a state that needs a big win,” Durel fumes. “They have to get out of our way.”

It’s the dark side of the fiber story.

Incase you didn’t notice the pun in the title you should listen to the Kayne masup, George Bush doesn’t Care about Black People mp3. Gawd I wish I had come up with that post title. It says so much.