Find Podcasters at UNC

People at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill are working to help students and the world find podcasts made at UNC. (or by people/events associated with UNC)

To help with this I just set up a public web based aggregator for podcasts at UNC called UNC Podcasters. You can listen to podcasts right in a web browser with flash player, click on a link to download the podcast (mp3, mov, etc.), and find RSS podcast feeds you’re interested in. It’s still a beta site so we don’t have a ton of feeds up yet, but soon.

Right now it is not multi-user. This means you can’t create an account yet. But hopefully in the future you’ll be able to log-in and create your own feed list. ala Bloglines. So if you’re part of the UNC community and you have a podcast send me your RSS feed URL.

The UNC Podcasters aggregator is based on the latest nightly build of the great software Gregarius. (Feb. 15) is hosting the list and the site for us. (Thanks guys!)

In the spirit of open source development at Universities I hope we can add to this wonderful bit of software. I’m hoping PHP developers at UNC can work on the Gregarius project. There are so many good reasons to build the tool so it fits our unique needs and then give it back to the world for others to benefit. For starters it could could save the University a ton of money!